New developments in Ilocos Norte



Chapel of La Virgen Milagrosa in Badoc, Ilocos Norte


Our Ilocos Norte stories continue. We spent four days and three nights in Paoay but saw a lot of the province using a serviced van. A must-see is the Chapel of La Virgen Milagrosa in Badoc, the southernmost municipality along the coast of Ilocos Norte. The chapel is newly built and has just been consecrated last December 2013. It is one of the most charming chapels I’d seen. It’s situated along the beach of a lovely little cove.


The chapel is built using indigenous materials. It was built by the Provincial government under the leadership of Imee Marcos.


The altar is made of sea shells. It is believed that the miraculous statue of La Virgen Milagrosa was wound floating at sea in the 1600’s and only the residents of Badoc could carry the weight of the statue back to shore.


We had lunch and spent the afternoon at Sitio Remedios in Currimao.


It’s a beautiful seaside resort.


There is a lovely little chapel dedicated to St Michael.


It is so quaint


It’s seen many weddings.


photo 1


photo 5


There are lovely old houses…


These houses were transferred to the site from other locations in the country.


Here the houses are preserved and restored.


And now anyone can rent a house and stay there as a guest.


Lily found her spot.


photo 3
And so did Soph.


Every meal we had included bagnet. Seriously. Yum. Here’s Sitio Remedios’ bagnet and pakbet.


Tomato and onion salad




Catch of the day


photo 2
Another look at the buttresses of this lovely little chapel. I’d love to stay in Sitio Remedios next time I visit Ilocos Norte. It’s so charming.


The Paoay church (St. Augustine) at dusk.


The moon


My shadow selfie




It’s amazing, especially with the beautiful lighting


Right beside the St Augustine church is Paseo de Paoay, a brand new two-storey building commissioned by the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte.


photo 3
The idea is to bring back the idea of a town plaza where church, commerce and culture can co-exist and attract a lot of tourists and locals. The building was designed by Palafox Associates who also developed the Metro Ilocos Norte Tourism Master Plan. All these — the Himala Concert, Leeroy New’s installation, the new La Virgen Milagrosa Chapel, the Paoay plaza including this Paseo de Paoay — are all part of that grand plan to make Ilocos Norte a dynamic and attractive destination for tourists and investors.


photo 1
The building has a neo-colonial features. Governor Imee Marcos’ vision is to have new developments conform to the architectural character of Ilocos Norte’s past. The province’s new master plan actually has specific building restrictions and guidelines such as arches, cement tiles and other neo-colonial elements.


photo 2
Paseo de Paoay was newly inaugurated just days before we arrived. There are a few restaurants open but more are still expected to open. The building is still in its finishing touches.


photo 3
The courtyard, still under construction.


This was my first time to have Batac empanada and it has changed my life!


All these years people were raving about Vigan empanada and I was always like, ok ya but… Then I tried Batac and wow, it blew my mind.


Ok so look beyond all that unhealthy oil.


The crispiest empanada I’ve ever had. And like Vigan empanada, Batac empanada also has egg. But basically the other ingredients are different – papaya, longganisa and other secrets. This was at Glomy’s in Batac.


I must say this made me so giddy. Our host uses DAPHNE® Home Scents from Bench. They were all over the guest house.


Stella in Batac


OOTD time. That dress I wore at Himala Sa Buhangin concert is one of my favourites. I bought it in Mist in Bali last February.


Sunset was quite spectacular


Great memories were once again made…


Thank you Ilocos Norte.


For information on Ilocos Norte Tourism check out Part One of my Ilocos Norte Diaries here and Part Two here. Next, more of Ilocos Norte, it’s museums and natural wonders, here.



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  • Valerie Caulin

    I really love their architecture and food! Hope I can visit Ilocos Norte again. Thanks for sharing!

  • Arianne Espera

    May I please ask what the name of the guest house is? Is it a resort/hotel? Only asking as I’m looking for potential venues for my wedding reception. Thanks 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s a private home. Not open to the public. Thanks.

      • Arianne Espera

        I had a feeling it was 🙁 Thank you for responding.