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I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve been asked to show “not only big and rich” homes in UZ. For some reason UZ got that reputation of showing only huge homes. Untrue. We just showed homes with strong design statements – whether big or small, old or new, expensive or affordable. Everything just seems magnified on television — including my weight.

I’m so glad the Real Living team, headed by Rachel Medina, sent me these magazines. UZ became RL’s media partner in the promotion and publicity of their ultimate makeover series. I’m so glad there’s a group like them who does these wonderful makeovers. I’ve done it a few times in my shows. Let me tell you, it was never easy. We’ve had an interior designer walk out on us the day of the shoot because of her frustration with suppliers. Yes, walk out! I ended up “designing” the space myself. And once in F, I actually had to paint the walls of one room myself. It wasn’t a problem, really. Except that it was already 2AM because we wasted 3 hours in a police precinct because my car (I was driving) was hit from behind. Oh such drama. Now, I can laugh about all that.

I look forward to more partnerships and activities with the Real Living team. They’re such a creative bunch. Here are their current publications – sold at all major bookstores and magazine stands.


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Those asking about small spaces, get this book! They show great ideas for even the smallest living spaces. A lot of the condos sprouting up all over the city have really small spaces. So the key is really to maximize the use of space, show the illusion of a bigger size, have furniture and built-ins that do double duty.


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This one is about beautiful homes. Salivate…


Real Living
And their current Jan-Feb issue. Lots of great ideas here.



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