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Niccolo Jose, artist.


I love hearing stories of people who find their passion and “one true thing” through an accidental journey. That’s my story and many others’ too. Niccolo Jose, a visual artist, had a similar happy accident.

Nico was a student at International School Manila where he immersed himself in performance art. He tried to pursue Theatre as a major at the Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. While studying theatre arts he realized he was more interested in actual construction and design of the stage than being an actor. So he switched his program and landed with a double-major in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. His works now reflect his knowledge of human anatomy, stage design and natural materials.

Nico recently showed his newest collection of three-dimensional art. The pieces continue to be displayed at his studio in LRI Design Plaza at 210 Nicanor Garcia St. Bel-Air Makati.








Niccolo Jose with Lifestyle Asia’s Christina Gomez and Tedrick Yau


Abel Jose, Yanah Laurel






The Lover
The Lover


Nico Jose generously donated a gorgeous piece of furniture to my online auction in UNICEF Auction for Action this October. Watch this blog for more information on how to bid. All proceeds will go to UNICEF programs for children in the Philippines.


For more information, or visit his showroom at LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia St, Makati.



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