Oh, those Xavier boys



I don’t know what exactly my title means. I just wanted to say that. I didn’t go to high school here. So I don’t really know anything about school boys here. Hee hee.

I belong to a generation that’s celebrating high school reunions. And I’m feeling a bit disconnected. I’ve missed all my reunions. Sad because I feel I had the best high school years in Notre Dame in Toronto – great friends, awesome teachers, academic excellence and extracurricular activities. I was Yearbook Editor and Student Council Secretary. I organized and produced a fundraiser, a fashion show including boys from the neighbouring school. High school in Canada took 5 years (for those who wanted to go to university and not just college). I have great memories of friends and teachers who’ve made a positive impact on my life. Thankfully through Facebook I’ve stayed in touch with some old friends. I found this video. You’ll see me in the first minute, laugh. This was the 80’s in Canada.



The girls I went to elementary with in St Scho Manila are celebrating their high school reunion next year. If I had stayed here I would have graduated with them in 1987. I’ve been invited to join the celebration and I’m dying to meet all my old school mates. Unfortunately I lost my elementary school year book, so I have nothing to refer back to. All my photo albums are under my dad’s stairs in the basement somewhere. My batch (honourary member here) organized a few fundraising activities like movie premiers and an auction of a sapphire ring. I will share some of those activities here.

I’m so thrilled about all the positivity coming out of reunions these days. My brother is coming to Manila in December to celebrate with his Zobel batch. I saw an awesome video of CSA students singing a theme song about coming back. Our friend Hecky, before he passed away last year, helped organize an All-85 batch reunion involving various private schools and they raised funds to build homes for Gawad Kalinga. Really nice.

Now here’s what the Xavier ’86 batch is doing to raise funds for the Xavier Educational Trust Fund for scholars who are currently enrolled in the San Juan campus. They are also supporting other Xavier charities like future scholars in Xavier Nuvali, alumni funds for scholarships and retired teachers.




I can’t believe this. They are raffling off a Mini Cooper! The raffle will be done electronically. You don’t have to be present at the reunion event to claim the car. So anyone can join. Each raffle ticket costs P2,500. I’m joining…


I want!


For more information on Xavier 86 reunion activities, check out their Facebook Page. To buy tickets you can contact Stanley Cheng at 09178176789 or get them from the Alumni Office, 64 Xavier st. Greenhills, SJ. Tel. 7273329 or 09175552297. Note that the winner of the car will have to pay for the taxes.





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