Olympus PEN E P3



And she's finally here. My #Olympus PEN EP-3. gorgeous.

I got my Olympus PEN E P3 last week. I’ve taken it out a couple of times. I have to say, this is the best and most beautiful camera I have so far. And it’s so powerful. Fastest auto focus. I haven’t really gone anywhere interesting in the past week, so I have nothing inspiring to shoot. And the kids have been on and off with a fever.

I’m also still on the look out for a nice leather case. Because I’m so picky, I haven’t found one. The kind of skin matters and so does the stitching. Calf skin and vegetable tanned preferred. Also I want it to be a removable full cover. Is there such?

I’ve been asked if the E P3 is now available. Yes, Olympus retailers should have them in stock by now. Let me know if you have trouble finding. Also those with the E P1 and E P2, I urge you to test the E P3. This is the upgrade of all upgrades. Difference from the E P2, this has touch screen auto focus, the fastest auto focus of all micro four thrids, built in flash and basically more power.

Promise to post photos from the PEN soon.



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