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How many of us de-cluttered and reorganized last week? I did. But I’m still not done. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the months! I say constant editing and de-cluttering is a must — especially when space is a concern. I’m in the finishing stages of my kitchen. I know… it’s still not done. Ugh already. But the fun part is figuring out my storage solutions and bins.


Perfect timing, Howards Storage World tied up with my blog and asked me to feature their storage solutions.


Here are my 20 picks from Howards for keeping your home organized. *I initially laid them out in clickable thumbnails but edited them this way. Let me know what you prefer (in terms of layout).


01  Keep your shoes in perfect shape. It is best to store them in visible bins.


02  These bamboo-lined shelves may be too pretty to keep in the pantry. They’re chic enough to be used where they’re seen.


03  These stainless steel shelves can be customized to suit your needs. Use them in your office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office or even the garage.


04  The Elfa® system can be customized for your needs. Consider this system for your walk-in closet. No need for cabinetry. When your clothes and things are organized well, you see them better… you will dress better.

05  Elfa® customized wardrobe may be built into the wall or can stand upright alone.


06  We can’t have enough of these foldable laundry hangers. I also use them for flat drying of sweaters and stretch jersey.


07  Tubtrugs® are awesome. They’re flexible and fun. Plus they’re stackable. Use them for storage of toys and things, laundry baskets, market bags, bathtubs for kids or cooler for party drinks.


08  Don’t neglect your laundry area. Being organized starts from scratch. From laundry to closet to life.


09  When your storage bins are these pretty, you won’t think twice about showing them. These textured baskets can hold magazines, books, toiletries, fruits… anything.
10  No more dead space in the back of your kitchen cabinets. These tiered corner shelves can do so much in terms of saving space. That wire rack on the right is only P199.75. Ask for Howards brand Corner Plate Stacker in chrome.


11  If you see your stuff, you will use it. No more expired kidney beans and tomato sauce in the back of your pantry.


12  These stackable bamboo shelves do double duty. They can stand alone or work their way up as multi-level shelves. They’re foldable so when you don’t need them, just store them flat.


13  The best way to keep your dry goods — in stackable, visible, and accessible bins.


14  Double duty utensil holder. That spoon rest is something I always need and never find. With this gadget, it’s always there and incognito.


15  Before anything else, reorganize your fridge. Get containers and bins. Organize in food groups and categories. Make sure regularly used items are extra accessible.


16  The secret to an organized pantry is seeing your stock. Expandable and tiered racks can do wonders for your shelves.


17  Cereals, pastas and other dry goods can stay fresh longer in vacuum tight containers. This line makes it so easy to open and shut the lids.


18  Under-sink area need not be the most feared space in your house. This adjustable shelf actually makes room for pipes and other obstructions.


19  More stackable shelving for cabinet orgazining.


20  These Fridge Binz! come in different sizes and can keep your food groups in check.


Howards clearance sale
Howards goes on clearance sale Jan 11th onwards on some selected items.



For more tips and deals, follow @Howardsph on Twitter and like Howardsph on Facebook. I’m curious, how are you keeping your 2013 organized? Share some tips…

Howards Storage World
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Level 6, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Level 3, Greenbelt 5



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  • Felyn Orejudos

    I love organizing!thanks for sharing this.

  • abigail

    I want them too. Parang Ikea lang but much better!

  • Monique Ignacio

    De cluttering is a constant emotion for me….

  • Mike De Guzman

    this lay-out is better. i find clicking thumbnails tedious. 🙂

  • Rose

    Oh wow, this store is a Disneyland for me. De-cluttering is therapeutic if you have the right equipments to organize your stuff with. This is definitely helpful.

  • rics

    reminds me of Solutions store here in Canada where I bought the wire laundry drawers that i use as under counter/cabinet storage.

  • Francis.A.J Santos

    The “You might also like” section thumbnails have some images, but most have a two shades of grey images for the link.
    On a Post related comment. If I haven’t used it in a year, it’s out the next. This is for everything in the house, not just clothes.