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Here is the video feature about my kitchen renovation that took forever. There are still a lot of details about the construction that I am willing to share. Like why there’s aircon, why our refrigerator juts out like that, why we chose wooden floors, our lighting and all. I will write more when I get the time. For now, here’s what we’ve got.



This is an ongoing labour of love. I’m happy with how it’s turning out. Thanks for watching.



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  • http://monique-ignacio.blogspot.com/ Monique A. Ignacio

    Major labor of love….. Nice!

  • life is a shoe

    wow, great kitchen! It looks very functional..Loving your storage and the rustic cabinets! It’s so pretty! I also love the necklace that you are wearing!


    • Anonymous

      thank you!

  • http://www.mellablogged.com/ Mella

    i love it! it looks elegant and functional. my husband said he wants a PVC window too

  • Talia Basman

    Looove the new kitchen. Just wondering, how is the overall exterior of the house affected by the installation of new windows? How does it relate to the existing capiz windows? šŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      the kitchen window does not relate to the capiz windows at all. it is not visible from the facade. and even so it acts like a “new” highlight. the house looks hybrid from one side and we’re ok with that. we’re after comfort and practicality (from the inside).

  • dindo

    hello Daphne
    great work on the kitchen update! very modern yet keeping the ‘old house’ theme. adding cool lamps to a raised ceiling sealed the deal i must say. also since this is a project in progress might want to install water filters (under sink or any accessible place for easy replacement of filters). potable water does make the food taste better
    warm regards

    • Anonymous

      that’s part of the plan. I just haven’t decided on which system. they range from P20,000 to P200,000. annoying.

      • dindo

        ok then. got mine from ace. filter replacements from a local store.
        maintenance – maintenance…

  • http://thekaloka.com/ kaloka

    Finally! I love that its white + wood…It’s something I want to achieve even in the toilet or bathroom…my sister’s house in the UK has a toilet with wooden floor. Imagine? Going back to the kitchen, home-cooked meals would now be more meaningful. Cheers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/karla.fidersantos Karla Fider-Santos

    Nice! Ive seen some photos on Instagram and its nice how everything turned out. I didnt realize that the kitchen was on the 2nd floor! Love a white kitchen – makes one make sure its neat and clean šŸ˜‰

  • http://twitter.com/girlfactor girlfactor

    thanks for sharing this video daphne. we are planning a kitchen renovation this year and i am leaning towards white kitchen cabinets, a glass tile backsplash and wood floors. we might be getting a samsung refrigerator as well. anyhow, i just forwarded a link of your video to my husband to help reinforce my choices (he needs to be convinced about wood floors in the kitchen). šŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      it was the biggest issue for us. i’m prepared for spills, scratches, stains. our entire house is made of wood. and it has aged wonderfully. so i’m ok with that. just annoyed that our installer used nails on the wood floors. i didn’t see it while it was happening. grrr. also, our kitchen is on the second floor, above the garage. wood was actually a practical choice because of the “movement” of the house (with humidity and heat). other materials would have been too heavy or susceptible to cracks.

      the samsung fridge is really energy saving. as you can see, it doesn’t fit into the kitchen. one solution should have been to cut a hole into the wall and embed the fridge into it. But that would mean losing closet space in the room behind. And we just wouldn’t have that.

  • Frances Riturban

    Hi Daphne! My mom’s having her retirement house made and she’s looking for a farmhouse sink just like the one you got from Kohler. I’m thinking of getting it for her as a surprise gift. Can this be ordered from Kohler Philippines?

    • Anonymous

      They don’t carry it here. But you can order from the US and have it shipped.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Daphne

    I am thinking of renovating my kitchen and I was wondering if you can advise who is your contractor?

    • Anonymous

      Rafael Calero of Kitchen Studio. He has a shop in BGC. He is also a published author of the book 25 Kitchens.