Our little piece of heaven on earth




This year one of our biggest dreams came true.

I always said to myself that my moving back to the Philippines as an adult had to make sense. When I made that decision fifteen years ago that meant scuba diving every weekend. I knew Anilao like the back of my hand. I was a beach bum with the best tan — until my skin paid for it with severe breakouts. Then something happened that made me retire my dive gear.

I’ve always wanted access to the beach and the countryside. We’ve worked hard on those and continue to do so. I always get asked, “Will you ever move back to Canada?” And my answer always varies depending on the current situation. Canada is family. Fresh air and open spaces. It’s home. Half of my life is still there. But so is the Philippines. It’s home. So while that question can’t really be answered with a period, I figured this all had to make sense for us and the kids. I want them to have childhood memories of the true beauty of the Philippines. And I’m not just talking about beach resorts. This weekend, we finally had a taste of that.

We visited the site of our small property in the south. Here we hope to build a little cottage and fill it with happy memories. We don’t know when that cottage will happen, but this piece of the earth is ours now. And memories are already being made.


I love looking up at coconut trees.


Her initial instinct… to run freely.


101 things you can do with a coconut… a drum.


…a ball.


“Can we keep the cows, Daddy?”


They named her Dolly.


I dressed for a leisurely afternoon in the country. I got this Indian woodblock print dress in Jaipur. The necklace is made of plastic beads, not real coral. I also forgot one of my gazillion sunglasses… of all days to forget. So Patrick lent me his Wayfarers.


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Lily started to act up. Believe it or not, it was fashion-related. Then Stella, true to her 2 year-old character, copied her Ate.


A friendly local farmer invited us to explore further down. He said there was a little spring just a few minutes away. He brought his young family along.


It was a bit of an adventure. See that sudden drop?


The rocks were covered in moss. So we had to go slow and be very careful.


Some parts were scary. Especially for someone inappropriately dressed. Haha.


Soph kept asking, “Is this a rainforest?”


I love bamboo. I always have. And so does my dad. (But deep inside I was praying for no snakes).


Loved all the colours and textures.


We finally found the spring. And we all drank from it. Natural spring water.


I don’t know who owns this property with the spring.


But I hope they keep it accessible to all of us.


Then it was time to head back.


Great memories were made again.



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