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Our SPARK cover is now on the stands. I hope you get your copy – any one of the three covers. It was a rare opportunity to be in a cover with my close friends Bryan and Ingrid. The fact that they were both in the Philippines when this shoot was scheduled was even quite a feat. I read my interview, and it’s felt different. Something happened, I don’t know (maybe age). But I feel so free to speak my mind now.


Here are some behind-the-scenes from the day of the shoot. Ingrid and Bryan already wrote about the outtakes. It was a wonderful day – great company, good food, wonderful architecture and incredible scenery. The SPARK House in Batangas was spectacular. I’m kicking myself for not making time to shoot this house for Urban Zone while we were still on air. I’m sure many urbanista viewers would be in awe. But all is not lost. We have some photos here and we’ll definitely make epic time for a reshoot of this house in the future.


The Spark House


Stunning property with a 360-degree view of the peninsula and the sea.


Beautiful staircase and lots of glass to maximize the view. It wasn’t a heat trap because of the generous windows that allowed the cross-ventillation of wind.


I finally got to wear my Rick Owens long dress. Ingrid, Bryan and I each had a solo in this field of weeds. Lovely.


The master bedroom has a glass roof with fully retractable blinds, so they have a full view of the sea, the sky and the stars at night. I was a little scared of wearing those heels on the glass floor/roof. That is a full shot of the dress I wore in one of the covers. It’s the same beaded dress I wore to Angel’s party. It’s from Antik Batik.


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Here’s Bryan on the roof deck – the entire roof area is accessible.


Me on the roof at sunset. I don’t normally wear dresses this length but I sort of like it now.


Here’s how the actual layout came out.


Bryan’s shoes. We brought our own clothes and accessories, but we also wore what stylist Xie Antonio brought.


Ingrid’s shoes.


Ingrid and her incredible form!


Tom Favis. Can’t believe he trusted us to steer the boat. We each took turns driving it – while trying to look good for a cover. It was a challenge – it was windy, the sun was in our eyes, we were all giddy and freaking out. It’s funny how the cover turned out!


Testing our sea legs. In this layout we all wore our own clothes and laughed at how unlikely it was that we would ever be this dolled up again on a yacht. I normally wear the most comfortable clothes when on a boat/banca. Here I was in studded Prada shoes and Givenchy dress with ostrich feathers. Ingrid wore Mary Katrantzou and Bryan was in (I have to check).


I designed my earrings. They are blue sapphires with diamonds. I was just thinking how underappreciated this dress was at the launch of Esquire magazine. Glad it got its moment now.


Here’s what we did before the shoot. The three of us rode my van to Punta Fuego. It was non-stop talk. When we finally got to the Spark House, Bryan was in awe of the view. Ingrid and I must take this boy around the Philippines more. Before we got made up, we jumped on the trampoline. Me, in a freaking dress.


Let me tell you, it was the best therapy! Laughter, anti-gravity, childlike play! We should all have a giant trampoline at home.


Then the three of us had a civilized dinner at Antonio’s Tagaytay before heading home.


Trying to decompress. Thank you Tonyboy for sending us a bottle of wine.


Here are the covers. Hope you get a copy. They’re at all major bookstores and magazine shops. For sure they’re in National Book Store. Get one, or all three! Tell us what you think.









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