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I know Christmas starts early in the Philippines. I have friends who put up their Christmas trees on September 1st! As they say, Christmas starts during the “-ber” months. But in our home, we’ve always put up our tree on the first or second weekend of December.

Well this year, we are doing things differently in the Paez house. For one, we have a brand new tree. And secondly, we are trying new ornaments. You know how much we love our old ornaments. They all have a story. They all have sentimental value. Some are precious hand-blown glass and brass balls. (Breakage is always part of annual Christmas memories.) We are keeping them and bringing some out. But for the first time we are doing a themed Christmas tree!

A few days before Halloween, I was walking by the SM Store and couldn’t resist the Christmas decorations. So I went inside and found myself in the Christmas wonderland-like setting at SM Home. They had a wide range of Christmas decor, arranged by colour and themes. They had classic and sophisticated ornaments, cute cartoony Santa decor, toy-inspired accessories, and kiddie versions of Christmas trinkets.


I saw this Christmas candy-themed tree at SM Home. I took a mental note (and stole a phone pic) of the cute peppermint candies!! Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere.


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.01.47 AM
Then I checked out their Instagram account at @SMhome and found the cutest ornaments. Cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones! It would go perfectly with the peppermint candies. So I made an executive decision to go with an all-new theme this year. After all, life was extremely sweet for us this year. The kids and Patrick loved it!


I thought that the “Sweet Treats” collection would stand out better on either a white tree or a “snow”-capped tree. Yay for artificial trees. Let it snow!


Look at our new cupcake ornaments!


Soph calls this “dippin’ dots.”


Big fat balls, colourful cupcakes, plastic mini donuts and ice cream cones! All so light!


Stella was my little elf.


She was so good with distributing the ornaments evenly. We had to stop after a few hangings ’til Lily and Sophia could join us.


I only got to hang the ones on top. The girls did everything else. This is the most kid-friendly tree we’ve had. All the ornaments were so light and nothing was breakable.


Our tree is full!


All done!!! But we still need a tree topper. Any suggestions?


Check out the different Christmas ornaments and accessories at SM Home at The SM Store. Follow them Facebook at SM Home, Instagram @smhome, and Twitter @SMHome_PH for more information and inspiration.



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  • speyshal

    these photos are precious and i love the skinny christmas tree.

  • Lou Tajonera Burgonio

    How about a snowman?

  • dianakristina

    put a cherry on top <3 i love your tree!

  • Leni

    i miss the old Daphne blog.. Now it’s all about #advertisements #sponsors

    • Anonymous

      I dont think there’s anything wrong with advertisements, sponsors and campaigns. Especially since I’ve invested a lot of money and time on the blog. I paid for design, back end set up and registration with Intellectual Property Office. So, yes, this has become real work. It’s a business. We pay taxes. This is my work now. It’s media.

      But I want to be transparent. All campaigns and sponsored posts are identified. And I will not compromise my aesthetic just to get a campaign. I have declined a lot of advertisers/campaigns whose message I felt didn’t fit in with my blog.

      Thanks for being here.

  • KristieLacs

    Oh my! This is so pretty, great idea for my chrismtas tree decor. I hope they still have it available there and that its not too ate to add on my Christmas tree! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I hope so!!

  • Glaiza Villanueva-De Leon

    This is so cute! 🙂