Littlest models of Daphne®



It brings me great joy whenever I get tweets, emails or photos that one of my products is happy in its new home. And I’m not talking about monetary pleasure. (Folks, I don’t own the businesses. These are all collaborations with partners.) It is just so wonderful to see families enjoying something from Daphne® products – whether it be furniture, linens or jewellery. I feel very connected. Thank you!

Here’s an example…


This Daphne wingchair in Rustan’s…


I love this chair. If I had a bigger home I would get this myself. I like the irony that my team translated. It has a hefty size but delicate carvings. The ivory and whisper blue paint feel feminine and soft yet the uphostery is in a neutral almost manly fabric.


Mariana Dominguez
And here is its new lovely owner, Miss Mariana Dominguez, daughter of Sarangani Governor Migs Dominguez and wife Tisha. I’d love to see little Mariana grow into this chair.


Last year, my friend Mia sent me this photo of her little daughter Arie in her Daphne chair. She said she will photograph Arie in this chair as she grows.


My nephew Alexander on Helsinki by Daphne Linens


From a Daphne Linens shopper
My friend Jenny’s daughter jumping all over Retro Squares.


Stella, iPad, Cobonpue & the new Daphne Linens.
Stella and my newest, Flair linens.


Soph sleeping in her new Daphne beddings
Sophia and Retro Squares in her room. That pink bolster pillow was 79 pesos in SM supermarket. I got that just to pad the side of her bed temporarily when she was a toddler (pre-Daphne Linens). It wasn’t meant to last forever. But it’s been 7 or 8 years since we bought this. It is 70% dead with no stuffing. But it’s the pillow she got attached to, her security pillow. Do your kids have a security blanket? Lily has none. Stella has two – a blanket with my mom’s lace tatting around it and a little bolster pillow with Daphne baby linens prototype (which we did not actually put on the market).


Daphne Furniture
Daphne Furniture® is currently not available in Rustan’s. We are in the middle of some restructuring and planning. It’s either we go full blast or we trim down and specialize. I will definitely let you know as soon as we come to a final decision.


If you are an owner of any Daphne® product and you’re willing to share photos of you or your family with it, please send it to me at I’d love to see it’s new home and owners. Thanks!



Italian Festival x Daphne Furniture in Rustan’s



Last Thursday my brand Daphne Furniture participated in one of Rustan’s activities for their month-long Italian festival. Some of my pieces were used in a table setting that reflected the coast of Amalfi. There were three table settings – mine, Rustan’s Erik Hannikainen’s and Mrs Nena Tantoco’s. Here are some of the photos I took in between speaking and meeting guests…


My table setting took inspiration from the sea – the coast of Amalfi. The sofa and the two blue chairs are from Daphne Furniture.


We worked with the turquoise colour of this chair and mixed it with the Coral Collection of San Marco Ceramics (needless to say, everything is from the Rustan’s floor).


I’m a huge fan of “solihiya” or cane-weaving. If I could put it in all my furniture, I would. I just love the idea of a technique so old and yet still so relevant and beautiful. Here my design team came up with mixing the cane with a simple linen upholstered seat against turquoise painted mahogany wood.


I’m loving all the sea-inspired decor on this table. Astrud Crisologo, who is now a buyer for Rustan’s Home, styled my tablescape. These oranges brighten up the table even more. And behind them is a beautiful nautilus-shaped vase which can either be filled with wild flowers or bread sticks.


San Marco Ceramics with coral and sea theme. Lovely beyond words.


Chandelier by Murano.


Another view of my table setting. I love the use of the gold plate chargers and utensils.


Thank you, Astrud Crisologo for styling my table scape and for showing the versatility of Daphne Furniture.


We had a full house in Rustan’s Makati’s fifth floor.


Mrs Nena Tantoco’s fabulous table. I’ve been privileged to have been invited to her home a few times. She is our ninang in our wedding. She really loves creating beautiful settings at home. Dining with her is always a memorable experience.


Tita Nena is a big proponent of local crafts and merchandise. So even with her Tuscan garden theme, she used homegrown merchandise like the woven plate chargers, coasters and fresh banana leaves. The china she chose is also from San Marco ceramics.


Tita Nena’s personal touch – a poem or letter for every guest. And instead of using typical napkin rings, she used a little basket by the Ifugaos.


In lieu of flowers, fresh lemons can spruce up your table. I’m loving those two conifer trees though. Can anyone ID for me?


Tita Nena’s son, Donny Tantoco the president of Shopwise/Rustan’s Supermarkets, talked about the best cheese and cured meats they recently sourced in Italy.


No wonder I always see my initials imprinted on cheese! DOP stands for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, which means Protected Designation of Origin. It is like a guarantee that this particular cheese is of the highest quality and that the milk used in production of this cheese is from a certain location in Italy. It also means that the method of production is traditional and ensured of aging correctly. It is a mark of the highest standards! WOW. My personal initials stand for excellence! Haha.


Pecorino Romano… incredible!


And Parmigiano Reggiano… so so good.


All these cured meats came from specific regions that offer the best. All these cheeses and meats are now available in Rustan’s supermarkets. Just ask for the Italian festival stuff.


It was a great afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came and took the time to meet me. It was lovely.




Chic women use “Daphne” at home


Sorry for the cheesy title. I’m not good at copy writing. Haha. But it just dawned on me that my products are appreciated by women I like and admire. This is always a good sign. Last year, Lucy Torres-Gomez bought a pink Daphne chair for her daughter Juliana. I have yet to ask her for a photo of it in their house. Lucy is the loveliest person I know. And I mean that sincerely.

Here are some recent media appearances of my products, as seen in the homes of Hindy Tantoco and Tessa Valdes.


Hindy, on the cover of Town & Country April 2011


That sofa in the background is by Daphne Furniture.


Tessa’s current cover of Metro Society shows her wearing nothing but Daphne Linens! Thanks for choosing my brand Tessa!!!!

Daphne Furniture®

Daphne Furniture® is a line of hand-carved wooden furniture made in the Philippines.

Daphne Furniture® draws inspiration from both the colonial period of Philippine history when furniture from Europe made it to the fine homes of Filipino families and the modern lifestyles of contemporary Filipinos. It incorporates handcrafted details prevalent in the tropical islands of the Philippines – basketry, solihiya or caning weaves, wood carving — done my craftsmen who have mastered these skills through generations of practise within their families.

Daphne Furniture®, represents a nostalgic charm that has prompted a Vogue Italia writer to say that the furniture line takes her “back 20 years to my dolls’ house”. The iconic piece, the “Daphne chair,” has inspired other creatives to draw, paint, bake and sculpt similar shapes in their craft. It has been featured in Elle Decoration, Town and Country, and the top newspapers in the Philippines. The Daphne, a small accent chair in muted pastel colours carved with a stylised fleur de lis motif gilded in silver or gold leaf, has become a sought after piece for collectors and a milestone gift for young girls. It appeals to the playfulness and nostalgic sensibilities of those longing for slower times, when things were all made by hand.

“Nostalgia is a big part of my collection. But again, it depends on how it’s interpreted by the viewer. My pieces start off from classical forms. They are handmade by an export-accredited and award-winning furniture manufacter. So they’re not just toys.  They are seriously functional and well-made. I try to give the pieces a contemporary edge with the use of new finishes and textures. I have classic wing chairs that are hand-carved and finished in distressed paint but I counterbalance it with a more masculine houndstooth fabric upholstery. There are pieces that are more serious and some a bit playful.” – Daphne Oseña Paez

Made of kiln-dried mahogany, handmade in The Philippines

For bespoke orders:


Daphne cupcakes!!



I always say… sometimes the sweetest people are those you haven’t met yet. No offence to the lovely people who I’ve already met. But this morning I got a surprise on Twitter. Aikko, a blogger, created these adorable cupcakes inspired by the Daphne chairs.








Check out her awesome blog bakehappy. Its filled with amazing photos, recipes and tutorials for cute yummy cupcakes. Thank you Aikko. I hope I can order these Daphne cupcakes one day.