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MetroHome 10-2 Cov FA
Check out this month’s Metro Home. My kitchen renovation is featured in it. I offer a few tips on renovating old kitchens.


Here is my beautiful enameled cast iron kitchen sink from Kohler, the Whitehaven. It was especially sent to me by Kohler in USA. Same with the faucet. It’s the Hi-Rise bridge model.


We shot this before I went on vacation. We get a lot of afternoon light here. I chose special Bisazza glass mosaic tiles to function as my backsplash. I asked them to make the mosaics predominantly white.


The floors are all wood. Just like the rest of the house. You can see the transition here. The kitchen wood floors came from Matimco. I had my contractor stain it to the walnut shade I wanted.





The new Samsung refrigerators



My Samsung digital inverter refrigerator.


Last year I had the privilege of being one of Samsung Digital Appliances’ brand ambassadors where we shared some news on the newest appliances. At home I have the new Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator with French doors and two drawers. It’s so big that I had to tweak the design of my new kitchen in order to make room for it. It is the hub of our kitchen now like most refrigerators are. I’m excited to reveal the results of my kitchen renovation. Soon. Soon.

Back to Samsung. This year Tessa Prieto-Valdes and I return to introduce more Samsung products and innovations that can make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. I’m so happy that there are now smaller and less costly digital inverter refrigerators by Samsung. You get the similar features as my fridge, minus the bulk. These new models are perfect for smaller kitchens and condos. Not that they’re much smaller or compact… they are actually regularly sized as opposed to ours which is larger because of the beautiful double doors.


Chef Jessie in Rockwell was transformed into a modern day kitchen at the recent launch of Samsung’s new line of digital refrigerators


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Chiqui Torres-Tan; Corporate Marketing Head – Samsung Philippines and Daphne Osena-Paez


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
I wore Samsung blue. By chance I found this dress in HK. Behind me are the new models. This range comes in different sizes. All have a 10 year warranty.


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Tessa and I talked about our favourite features with actress Ian Galindez who hosted the show.


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Here’s Ian as Sossy Yaya.


I will be blogging about the new refrigerators in detail soon. In a nutshell, here are 10 reasons why Tessa and I love the Samsung Digital Inverter refrigerators…

01  Energy-saving digital inverter comes with a 10-year warranty
02  Easy-slide shelves for easy food access
03  Multi-flow air system
04  Adaptive defrost control
05  Coolpack option that keeps the freezer cooler for an extended period despite power interruptions
06  MoistFresh zone that helps keep fruits and veggies fresh
07  Built-in deodorizing filter that eliminates unwanted smell
08  LED lighting fixture that brightens every corner of the refrigerator
09  Tempered glass shelves that can handle heavy load
10  Big Guard that provides wider and deeper storage space for tall bottles and extra large containers


RT22FARBDSA suggested retail price PHP19,995


RT35FDACDSP SRP PHP31,995. There are a few more models that fall within the budget range of these two I posted above.


Check out Samsung Digital Appliances in Facebook.

Vintage dishes



I haven’t mentioned anything much about my kitchen renovations. We are done. Completely! And it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to show you. The only problem is, when we tried to turn on the appliances, something went wrong. So we are dealing with these details again. Patience truly is a virtue.

The kitchen is inspired by a farm house – or rather, a farm house sink specifically. It went well with our house because truthfully our house is like a real wooden cottage. It’s your Lola’s house in the province. So having some vintage-inspired treatments wasn’t too far out. Besides, I love vintage cookware and stuff.


My parents sent a box full of goodies on the slow boat to the East. By the time it got here after Christmas, we were so delighted to receive surprises. This is a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl that originally came in a set with green, blue and red bowls. Just beautiful.


It belonged to my brother-in-law’s grand mother. They lived in Toronto. And I’m so honoured to be the keeper of the vintage Pyrex bowl. These were first made in the 1940’s. And apparently the ones from the 1950’s onwards are numbered at the bottom. I don’t see any number in this yellow bowl, so maybe this is really old from the 1940’s.


Vintage Pyrex ad
Check out this classic ad for Pyrex. These bowls were made from 1940 to 1970’s.


There are more lovely vintage finds in our old kitchen storage – cake plates, milk glass, carnival glass. This little pitcher is from my mom. She sent it to me knowing how much I love old things. They just don’t make things like they used to. The jar of Choco Mallows is new. I just placed it there for size reference.


Our everyday dish gets a lot of reaction every time it makes an appearance in Instagram. It’s got a lovely relief pattern of flowers on its rim. The glass is hefty. It hardly ever chips. But sadly, many pieces have been broken. (I don’t want to get into that… sigh).


I don’t know much about Vitrock. After googling I found out it dates back to 1934 – 1937. OMG. They’re called Depression Glass. I’ve found some resellers online. I don’t really know if I’ll acquire more pieces of this. My mother-in-law had a lot – we have the sugar bowls, serving dishes etc. Plus I’m actually looking forward to using my own set of china from our wedding.


So yes, I’ve turned into a little old lady talking about china and bakeware. But like I said, it’s the quality of these old products that I love so much. Back then everything was built to last. And design was full of integrity.

Here are some vintage-inspired items I’m loving on the net.


Collage Vintage


01 Bar cart from Serena and Lily. Bar carts are the new black. This design is inspired by a mid-century antique and pays homage to the textural beauty of handwoven rattan.

02 Trina Turk ice bucket. The decorative palm design and gold hardware bring me back to backyard barbecues and the imaginary Palm Beach parties in the 60’s.

03 Reiss Lunata poppy dress. There’s something about the cut and print of this dress that evokes classic glamour even though it’s such a casual dress.

04 Sweater Pup Cookie Jar from Anthropologie. This doesn’t necessarily give a vintage vibe but because I grew up with a couple of dachshunds, I tend to equate these little dogs with the past. Plus, the idea of a cookie jar isn’t really too common these days with everyone eating everything on the go. That, or buying instant cookies wherever and whenever we feel snacky.

05 Kelly Wearstler sugar pot. Inspired by nature and organic lines evocative of marine florals from the 1920s, this Hillcrest sugar pot is quite the splurge at $300. It is part of a complete set.

06 Patisserie Baking Set from Anthropologie. This is so adorable, it comes with everything a little gourmand needs for “baking”. Each kit has an oven mitt, rolling pin, whisk, pastry cutter, cake tin, muffin tin, biscuit cutters, apron and French-language recipe book.



Farm house sink



I was hoping to be able to reveal the results of my  kitchen renovation before the year ends but I don’t think we’ll make it.

Who knew that the little details would take much longer than construction? All these delays are self inflicted though because I am the pickiest kitchen owner. My contractor (Cesar Ali) and kitchen supplier (Rafael Calero Kitchen Studio) have been so professional and prompt. I must say they were also very patient.

The major delay was caused by my crazy idea to order a cast iron farm house sink from the US. Kohler Philippines believed in my project that they found a way to bring in the heavy sink to the Philippines. It has finally arrived and let me tell you, IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!


kitchen sink kohler
Here’s what my sink and faucet will look like. Kohler Whitehaven apron front sink and Hi-Rise bridge type faucet. Beauty. (Photo from Kohler USA).


photo 3
Worth the wait! And the weight!


photo 2
Here’s where it’ll go. Today Rockstone Solid Surface will cut the countertop. My windows are beautiful. I went with white PVC by Veka ordered from Fourlinq. I found Fourlinq through the trade listings of Slivers Magazine.


photo 1
I love how Rafael Calero did our cabinets. Something tells me this counter is going to be the most used “table” in our house. Oh and that crazy idea of installing wooden floors from Matwood isn’t so crazy because (a) look how gorgeous it is, (b) these are treated against termite/moisture and (c) Matwood sources its hardwood from sustainable sources (registered tree-farms’ cycle of harvest ensures continuous replanting and nurturing of trees).


The next few weeks will be about installing lights, connecting the appliances to power, finding a water filter (totally forgot about that), building a casing for the range hood. It is a crazy kitchen in a rickety old house. But it’s totally a labour of love. I don’t want to build it up too much because really, it is quite small. Nothing impressive. And there were so many challenges along the way. We had to work with limited space. I still don’t know how the Samsung fridge is going to work with such a tight space. I think owners of old homes can relate. I’m not going to knock down any more walls. Construction fatigue now on going. Haha.

But really, there’s so much more to be done in my house. Next month, I have to  —

1. Deal with windows for the rest of the house – something that will work with our old capiz windows and wooden frames.

2. Redesign the bed of the girls, converting one into a bunk bed because they all want to stay in one room.

3. Convert my front room into some sort of library lounge for the girls.

4. Renovate the guest bathroom downstairs.

5. Fix leaks.


It’s no joke living in an old house. But everyday I fall more and more in love with our little old cottage with all its kinks and problems.

Feel free to share your house maintenance/renovation stories…








Win one of five Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaners



Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner
Samsung Bagged 2.1L Dust Capacity, 1,400W (model# SC3310). 1,400W max power, 360W suction power, 260 cleaning width, Bag 2.1L dust capacity


I haven’t done a blog giveaway in a while. And this is exciting. SAMSUNG Digital Home Appliances is giving away 5 digital vacuum cleaners through my blog! I think it’s awesome!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I’ve gone DIGITAL with my appliances at home. Going digital makes a big difference. Yes for now maybe the cost of the appliances are higher than non-digital. But in the long run we save more in energy consumption. Samsung Digital Home Appliances are energy efficient, environmentally friendlier, and a lot more powerful. And they are good looking. So if you’re design conscious, this is the way to go.


This is the week we start turning on the new Samsung inverter fridge. Can't wait. #samsungdigitalappliances
Here is my awesome Samsung Inverter Refrigerator, still bubble-wrapped. Will do full reveal soon.


My epic kitchen renovation is still on going. Epic. All delays are self-inflicted. My suppliers were wonderful. It was my last minute sink switch that caused all this. But we are doing the electrical stuff this week. So pretty soon my refrigerator and Samsung Digital Rose Inverter aircon will be functional. I also just got our windows installed last week. This means we may soon be able to activate the wall-mounted inverter aircon in the kitchen. Yes gasp! I put an aircon in the kitchen. It is, after all my dream kitchen.

Like I said, going digital with home appliances is so worth it. If you are in the market for upgrades or your building a new house, consider Samsung Digital Home Appliances. It makes a big difference.

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Corner of our home
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