Upholstered chairs



I’m in a major renovation mode. The thing is, real life is getting in the way. For someone who doesn’t have a real job (except the once a week talk show), I am getting a taste of full time work these past weeks. Not complaining. Just saying. Everything’s been good! Lots of collaborations and new endorsements.

While waiting for my kitchen renovation to re-start (we are 70% done and in halt mode now, pending the arrival of windows and sink), Samsung installed two amazing air-condition units in our little old cottage. The gorgeous Rose Inverter air conditioner is in our formal living room. This means we need to upgrade our windows while maintaining the capiz sliding windows. So that’s going to be a bit of a panic.

I’ve also been thinking of reupholstering my new old couch or acquiring a club chair in a bold colour. I’m back in the drawing board with the Daphne Furniture® team. But that’ll take months before I can reveal what we’ve got in store.

In the meantime I did some window shopping in my partner site Serena & Lily. What a gorgeous world…


Serena & Lily
Serena and Lily custom upholstery now 30% off until Nov 5. Enter code GET30.


Here’s the Spruce Street Chair in Turquoise Putty Diamond upholstery.


Spruce Street Chair in Saffron Putty Diamond upholstery.


The same chair in Turquoise Peridot upholstery.



Shop Nursery Basics from Serena & Lily

Corners of our home


I did the ultimate in working from home today. My UZ team came over to shoot some spiels. This means you’ll be seeing snippets of my home in the next three episodes of Urban Zone. It is always a major production when my house is being shot. I’m glad I’m done the rounds of “publicity” for my sheets and furniture. There was a time we were shooting at the house every week. But now we’re back to reality. And reality with a husband who loves bicycles and three daughters who love toys just means we have clutter.

So I warned my team that we’ll have to do some major camera angling tricks to avoid the undesired shots. We are in the middle of supposedly having a garage sale and kitchen renovation. But those don’t seem to be happening. So we have stuff in boxes. Ugh.

I keep looking at how things were when we finished our room renovations. We had a clean slate. Now there are too many layers. Especially in my closet.


Master Bedroom
This is the “escritorio” in our room. Right now though there’s a TV on top of that desk. But we manage to keep this looking the same.


My favourite flower
This is my work desk, but now the kids have taken over. It’s full of bins of crayons and pens. Still relatively organized. Just a bit tight.

So here’s how our shoot went today. We limited the shots to little corners…


UZ shoot at home
We played with parts of the small lanai. I wore a sequined top which is the itchiest top ever created I think. I paired it with slim taupe pants and nude coloured heels. My bangs are getting long again and they’re starting to really bother me.


Manny and Denmark of UZ moved some furniture around. This is one of our outdoor chairs. It’s from the 60’s.


UZ shoot at home
Then they brought one of the Cobonpue chairs outside.


UZ shoot at home
I got this dress because it looked like fun. From Forever 21. I wore it with earrings that can convert into a bracelet. It’s a genius design by Diane von Furstenberg for H. Stern. Ring was a gift from Tito Villanueva, an interior designer friend.


UZ shoot at home
The red door. By the way, look at the icons of this website. The icon for Home/Blog is this exact door.


UZ shoot at home
This K&Company dress has a stunning colour. It’s just not registered well in this photo. I like wrap dresses. So easy to wear. My necklace is a collection of antique charms. The shoes are made by a local shop, the name escapes me.


So this is how my day went. In between filming, the kids were running around and air conditioning units were being cleaned.

Tell me, how did your day go?




Heima Brixton



Everytime I see a playful piece of furniture locally I know it’s from Heima®. This is actually how they describe themselves — “We’re a company that designs quirky furniture and furnishings for your home.”

I’ve had the chance to work with the Heima team in the first season of DAPHNE Furniture®. It was an instant meeting of the minds between me and Rossy Yabut. I almost worked with her in the re-styling of my home and renovation of my kitchen. But I got too distracted. Back then, Rossy was engaged to her business partner Bong Rojales. Now they’re married. And they’re about to give birth to their third baby – the Pasig branch they call Heima Brixton.

At first glance you’ll feel it’s got this grown up prettier version of the “hipster” vibe. It always gives me an Etsy feeling. But the Heima kids aren’t just playing. They’re very serious about their craft and community.


The new website goes live on March 17.


The cutest catalog. Love the layout and fonts.


Paper Club
The new Pasig branch has this little corner they call the Paper Club. They also sell books and magazines.


Set_Decors - Babel Totems, Trim Phone (Blue), Heima Pillows
Babel Totems, Blue Trim Phone, and Heima Pillows


Sophie Chair 2
They call this the Sophie Chair.


Metal Mesh Media Console 3
Metal mesh media console.


Metal Mesh Drawers 1
Metal mesh drawers.


Drea_CSLewis on A2 Print
This is not another “Keep Calm” poster.


For more information on Heima, here’s their Facebook page.


My booth at WorldBex





This experience has been incredible. And I still don’t know what the outcome will be.

Ever since I agreed to put up a booth at World Bex (Building and Construction Expo), my life has never been the same. I’ve increased my involvement with my product development. Last week I was at the factory of my furniture line, choosing colours and developing new shapes. Last night I was sanding some inexpensive black frames and spray-painting them metallic silver. It was a success. But now I can’t breathe well and I have cuts in my hands.

My booth is being put together by a professional contractor. Interior designer Nina Santamaria of Gruppo Santamaria helped me with my booth design. The Purpose Store created my wall paper. My UZ team prepared a nice AVP that’ll loop in my booth. Isabel Gatuslao created my print collaterals for me to handout. It all looks great in concept. But I won’t know how it’ll come together until tomorrow. I won’t post the perspective drawings just yet. I’ll do that once the booth is up.

Oh I wish I found a baker who could do mini cupcakes or cookies with little Daphne chairs. I wanted to have them on March 14 to give to media and on the weekend to give to Urbanistas and Daphne readers. But I didn’t get to do that.

I hope to see you this weekend, March 17 and 18. It’s open to the public then and admission is free. Anyone who’s planning to build or redecorate should come to WorldBex. I’d go even if I didn’t have a booth. We have a leaky roof and we really need to get that all fixed. Plus my kitchen. That renovation has been of epic proportions… I need to source more suppliers.

See you this weekend! Come say hi to me at the DAPHNE® booth.