Pain in the neck!



Dear Neck. I love you. Please love me back. Promise to never take you for granted.
I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. It’s nothing too awful but I will need therapy. It’s not uncommon. Many people have this.


I’m sharing this story because I’m sure many of you can learn from my stupid mistakes. I developed this nasty habit of using the laptop in bed. I don’t know why, because we have a lovely “escritorio” in our bedroom. Lazy I guess.


This is how I would look like, for hours. Source: fwips.


I’ve been warned by many before. It’s the worst thing you can do to your back and neck. I eventually developed a chronic pain in my neck the past two years. Sometimes it would disappear. I used a fancy foam pillow. But it didn’t really take away the pain. Then last December I finally got it Xrayed. My orthopedic surgeon cousin shook his head. He said I needed physio therapy.

Yesterday while working on some jewelry designs, I felt and heard a cracking noise in my neck and it slowly moved down my left arm. I could not move. It was so painful. All I could do was pray. It lasted about 10 minutes. I ended up leaning my head and left shoulder on the wall. My cousin ordered me an MRI.

Feeling desperate, I over-shared in Twitter. And as his usual habit, Teddy Boy Locsin responded. This time, minus the vacuum cleaner “pain in the neck” joke. I couldn’t get an MRI on the spot in the south. Teddy and his wife Louie got me one in Medical City. Thinking an instant MRI will give me the answers, I went to Medical City for the impromptu appointment. I had a perma-grimace on my face. I was in pain. I answered the questionnaires and realized I won’t really get answers til Monday and my doctor is in the south. Logistics. Plus the thought of spending my Saturday afternoon in a tube scared the living daylights out of me. So I chickened out. Scheduled my MRI in the south.






I’m getting my MRI this week. Not really the way I envisioned spending my birthday week. But this is so important. So please, if you have the habit of working in bed… STOP!

Here are the 10 best laptop positions according to Spine Health. None of them involve using the lap. They best would be to prop the laptop on a table to eye-level and attach an external keyboard. Here’s an article on how laptops are crippling us. It’s not the laptop per se. It’s because we find it too portable that we end up working in the weirdest positions.


This is the ideal working position.


wrong posture laptop
What NOT to do, according to Dr. Stephanie Maj in this article, 10 Tips to Improve Your Positioning.


The Queensland Government issued these safety guidelines for classrooms and work places.


Good bye chichi work room. I’m going to have to look for an ergonomic chair. Speaking of back pains, I hope local schools do something about heavy bags for young students. That was Sophia’s bag in Grade 1.


I have my own line of linens
No more using the laptop in bed. Ever!


Folks, remind your kids to work on a proper desk and chair. Young students, take care of your back. You may not feel it now, but your 40 year old self will thank you for it.

On to find a good physical therapist.

Downside of blogging too much. Does anyone else have a pain in the neck?





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