Pantene Bounce and Sway x DAPHNE®



I’ve been meaning to share this exciting bit of news for some time. I’ve got the most awesome collaboration with Pantene Nature Care. A few months ago, they tapped me as a creative partner and digital ambassador.

Here is the first video series I came up with – featuring creative women I look up to and luckily, I work with. We talk about our work, design process and our fashion and haircare choices.

It was like a collision of three worlds all with distinct visions and products, but with similar style ethics. The series features Katherine Cheng of K&Company and Isabel Gatuslao, my graphic designer. Coincidentally, Katherine also got Isabel to redesign her packaging and bags.

The videos were shot and edited by the team of Marty Ilagan. Here is the first part, me.



Well, my hair has a mind of its own. And I like that I can make it go bouncy or make it sway. But it really helps that Pantene Nature Care has two sets of hair care that can suit whatever look I’m going for. I want it either full but not frizzy or shiny but not too limp.

Let me know what you think of the videos. They kind of remind me of my F days. Haha.

The next videos feature Katherine and Isabel.



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