Patrick’s Father’s Bike Day



Guys are the hardest people to buy for. When I was in university I worked during weekends in a retail shop for men called Harry Rosen. I figured it was the best way to save money because I wouldn’t care about employee discounts on menswear. But I was wrong. It had the most respected tailor shop in Canada. So I ended up ordering “made-to-measure” suit jackets for myself. I also bought my dad nice shoes and endless socks. To this day, if you were to ask me what gift you can give the Dads in your life, I would say – ties and socks. Boring.

So for Father’s Day, I asked Patrick to give me a list of what he would want. I am amazed at his level of interest in the world of bikes. For years he’s been assembling vintage and old bikes – fixed gears, racers etc. It’s a whole lifestyle. Now I get it.


BicycleGuy Collage


01 Cycling shoes designed by a Vietnamese man who studied design in the UK. It’s for single/fixed gear riders. QuocPham Fixed, £99.

02 I see a few of these around the house. Patrick uses them always. They’re called cycling birettas. They originally carried logos of team sponsors. Campagnolo Cycling Cap, $18.

03 They’re called BCGs. Birth-control glasses. Woman-repeller. This one’s from Etsy for $84.00. We found standard US military-issue vintage Horn Rim Birth Control Eye Glasses GI US Military Soldier in eBay for as little as $19.

04 This is the most-coveted cycling jersey. British-made Rapha is the Savile Row of cycling wear. Rapha Classic Sportwool Jersey, $195.

05 The H-Type Brompton folding bike in British racing green, designed for a more upright riding position.



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