Perfect pearl, perfect match



The 2012 Jewelmer Gala which I hosted. Photo by Exie Razon.


Sometimes all you need is a pair of golden South Sea pearl earrings.
An instagram selfie from 2011. My caption read “Sometimes all you need is a pair of golden South Sea pearl earrings.”


By now you know how much I love south sea pearls from Jewelmer. It was the first thing I bought with my first pay cheque from F. Then Jewelmer sponsored the F girls for the duration of the entire show, like six years. I am very fortunate to have a few pieces from Jewelmer.

I recently fell in love again with my classic strand of white south sea pearls. I didn’t have an occasion to wear them at so I wore it with a tshirt over the weekend. They are so beautiful. It’s the perfect piece of jewellery to transform an outfit from day to night.


This is the ring I love to wear almost every day. I had it custom made by Jewelmer. It’s their own south sea pearl. I wanted it to appear almost foating. I liked that it wasn’t a perfect round. And the fact that it’s a golden pearl – endemic to the Philippines.


If you are thinking of buying your South Sea pearls, now is a good time to do so. From July 1 to Sept 30, clients who purchase a pair of beautiful South Sea pearls will receive a 20% rebate which can be used on their next purchase.

I always get asked about which colour of South Sea pearl is most valuable. I always say it’s a matter of personal taste. It took me a while, but I have all colors. (Guilty.) But here’s something from the Jewelmer website: Although color is not the primary factor, it does play a significant part in determining the price. Nowadays, because of its rarity, golden is the most expensive and the most sought-after of the champagne shades. White pearls have always been in demand, as they are the classic color. Chinese traditions also favor white because the color is associated with purity. In the case of black pearls, the most favored shade is peacock green, which best highlights the pearl’s luster.


From July 1 to Sept 30, your purchase of a pair of beautiful South Sea pearls will give you a 20% rebate on your next purchase. Matched to perfection and beautifully set, Perfect Pearl, Perfect Match is the ideal time for you to enter a world of rarity, luxury, and elegance.


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  • Jeremy


  • cheekeegirl

    Everytime I see pearls, my heart aches. Why? because I misplaced my South Sea pearls my husband gave me as a birthday present. Now would I believe in the myth that pearls should never be given as a gift? I wonder why.

    • Anonymous

      oh no, i hope you find it again.