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Some of the best portraits of our family have been taken by Doods and Issay Tanabe of Real Kids Photography. I met Issay through Baby magazine when Lily became its cover girl when she was 7 months old. Since that time, I’ve asked them to photograph our major milestones from birthdays to baptisms and random days at home.

Issay was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently undergoing some treatments. As soon as I heard, I talked to Doods about raising funds for medical expenses. Instead of soliciting funds or having a huge fundraising event, Doods and I thought the best way to do this was to provide their services at a friendly rate. This way it’s a win-win situation. The public can have wonderful family or self-portraits… Issay and Doods can do what they do best… and hopefully everybody’s happy.

Scroll down to the end to see how you can avail of this awesome photography package. It’s the perfect time to do it… for your CHRISTMAS PHOTOS.

I’m showing some of my favourite photos Real Kids took at our home. There are hundreds… As you can see, Doods and Issay have a way of capturing the tender moments without being too posed. They are the most loving parents to three awesome daughters. Perhaps that has a lot to do with it.

The smiles. The love.


Issay shot this when Stella was just three weeks old. I could not have done this on my own. My kids don’t sit still for photos when I’m the one shooting.


Lily gigil.


Lily playing Go Fish with a 3 week old Stella, while Sophia giggles.


A look back... a year ago.
When Lily was 5 months old. This was a shoot for Gingersnaps.


Here, Lily was 6 months old. Just noticed her toes peeking out.


Soph just turned 6 here.


Lily’s favourite spot. She must have been just 3 here. My kids love hanging by the windows.


Photo by Real Kids
Unfortunately I don’t have hi-res of this. But this was one of our favourite shoots. Issay and Doods came to the house early in the morning and I jumped out of bed and made everyone wear white.


January 2008
When we were four. Pre-Stella. What I love about Real Kids coming to our house is that they’ve also documented the story of our house. Here it was in its “museum” stage. Haha.


Me and Stella


Stella in her cradle.


Issay and Stella
Issay and Stella when she was 6 months old.


I'm a stage mom
And this is how Doods and Issay captured those tender moments from the first few frames above. Look at me being a stage mom.


Please consider booking your family’s Christmas photos with Real Kids on Saturday Sept 29, 2012 8-5pm at Blue Leaf Pavilion. There will be four “locations” within Blue Leaf. You can use two out of the four “locations”. For only P3,500 you get 10 shots inclusive of 11×14 print and a DVD of the shots.

As a bonus, I am including freebies from my sponsors. Lots! Will re-edit this post as soon as I confirm.

We have a pledge of giftpacks for the first 30 participants from Procter & Gamble. We are also raffling off a camera from Olympus (exact model to be confirmed)…

Please leave me a message in the comment box if interested. My family and I are definitely doing a session. So it would be great to meet some of you there. Let’s do this for Issay. Thanks!


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