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I read a fascinating article about How Wellness Became the New Luxury Status Symbol and I have to say, with the many brags in my Instagram feed about marathons, green juice and cute workout outfits, a lot of this is true. Though I was unaware of such lifestyle trend, I’m afraid I may have been guilty a few times of posting my green juice and pilates selfies. I have not yet revealed my “abs” though, and that’s not really going to happen, haha.

My passion for Pilates has nothing to do with a lifestyle trend. Pilates is the only fitness activity that works for me. It has helped me so much with my neck pains. In terms of the fitness fashion trends, I have very few workout outfits that I have been rotating for a while now. After reading that article, I’m thinking I really should be making an effort to look more fashionable in my pilates outfits. My green juice isn’t “a display of wealth, discipline, and responsibility”, as the article states. I am a real believer in the power of enzymes found in raw green vegetables. Yes, buying all that organic kale, cucumber, celery and wheatgrass can add up. But it’s something I make room for in our budget.

I love my Pilates community. In the almost one year that I’ve been regularly going to my sessions at Options Studio, I have reached a level of comfort among the instructors and women who have private sessions during my same schedule. Pilates, for us, isn’t a social thing. It’s totally personal. We all have our own goals and reasons for doing pilates.

I do private sessions at least twice a week. Options Studio has semi-private sessions, which is a great idea if you want to work out with a friend or spouse. Its also a great mother-daughter activity. They also have small group classes. In the next few weeks, Options Studio’s Master Trainer Ole Eugenio will be conducting master classes. Ole is a well-respected pilates practitioner, not just in the Philippines, but all over the region. I’ve posted his schedule below. Beginners are welcome.






Me and the master himself, Ole Eugenio.


Cardiolates spells fun… and endorphins!


I love early morning sessions


With my trainer Camille


Trying to stretch me into the splits.


After a session.


My post-pilates “glow” haha!


See you at Options Studio!


Options Studio branches:
Salcedo village: 553-3314 / 585-1404 / 0917-874-6888
The Fort: 403-7154 / 0917-542-0460
Greenhills: 623-8449 / 0917-890-3229
Podium: 695-3263 / 0917-529-3307



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  • Elna Loberiano

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. Even in London I always hear people talk about eating right, doing the right physical training and all of those fitness and lifestyle related thing. 🙂 Because I love water sports and used to do it a lot in the Philippines, I decided to join a health club when I moved to London, and got into spinning as well as latin dance class…that’s all I did until Sept 2009 when I had a lower back injury and started doing Pilates. Been doing it 2-3 times a week and it really helped me a lot with my lower back pains. So now I can’t live without Pilates. 🙂 Will definitely try Options Studio on my next visit to the Phils. Seems like it’s the best place to do Pilates in Manila.

    • Anonymous

      That’s great Elna. Let me know when you’re planning to come here. I’ll arrange some sessions for you at Options.

      • Elna Loberiano

        Thank you Daphne. Will certainly let you know before I visit the Phils.

  • Larissa Mae Tan

    i think i might give pilates a try 🙂 you’re looking really good, ms. daphne 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I highly recommend it. It’s so good for the body… and mind.