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We’re  getting back to normal at home. This is the week kids are back at school. I will slowly be settling into a routine of picking each kid up from school, organizing their things, checking their homework and missing them while they’re at school. Or maybe not too much. I do have a lot of work to catch up on. This summer was crazy busy for me with their activities. So I welcome this when I will have some alone time at home. Meaning, all of two hours.

We cleaned house over the weekend. Decluttered bookshelves and toys. But the “stuffs” are just never-ending. Made me wish the kids had their own place filled with toys because a play room is not enough. Or at least a little cottage or shed. Who am I kidding? I will forever have that house with a piece of Lego or small Polly Pocket waiting to be stepped on by me.

I ended up googling images of dream play houses. These are all so adorable.


I’m afraid to show this to Lily. She will go nuts over this Victorian Wood Playhouse.


Too cute! Pennfield Cottage Wood Playhouse.


modern childrens playhouse design
From Smart Playhouse, the Hobikken model – a rustic playhouse made mainly of wood for a warm, cozy feeling.


Also from Smart Playhouse, the Illinois playhouse is inspired by the Modern Movement from the middle of the 20th century. My kids won’t like this because it’s completely devoid of any adornment. Sophia already proclaimed that she doesn’t like things “too modern”. Another old soul like me. But I am loving this so much.


From Kanga Room Systems, this shed is so adorable. This company actually makes outdoor sheds for adults. I’ve always dreamed of having my own shed – for writing and my pretend home office. Because we all know that home offices don’t really work when you have toddlers.


I think the best play house for our climate is still the Bahay Kubo. Our neighbour’s kid has an adorable one.


Museo Pambata
The one in Museo Pambata was cute too.



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