Plet Bolipata and Elmer Borlongan



Last night I fell in love.

I was guest of honour at the gala opening of ManilART. A whole post on that after this.

I fell in love with the works of Elmer Borlongan and Plet Bolipata at the Boston Gallery’s booth. I’ve seen their works before. But never together in one spot. This is what I’ve been hungry for. That “feeling.” I’ll stop gushing because you’ll all think it’s crazy talk. Haha.

It is an honour to have a Bolipata and a Borlongan in this year’s UNICEF Auction for Action. Bidding continues until October 7. This is a rare chance to own their pieces way below gallery/market price. So please spread the word. Plet and Emong donated their works 100%. All proceeds go to UNICEF programs for kids in the Philippines.




“Cain and Abel. Baa Baa Black Sheep and Waa Waa White Sheep: Sibling Rivalry”, (H:63″, L: 94″, D: 29″, each). Behind it on the wall is a painting by Elmer Borlongan.


Owner of Boston Gallery, Dr. Joven Cuanang.


Half of the “Cain and Abel” story. This is “Waa Waa White Sheep: Sibling Rivalry”, (H:63″, L: 94″, D: 29″)


Cain and Abel
Here’s how they look like together. Complete madness! I love them. Photo from Plet Bolipata’s Facebook.


Brochure from a recent Alliance Francaise show – for husband and wife, Elmer and Plet


Public art galore! Adorable animal sculptures in Plet’s garden in Zambales. These were the lovelies in her show “imagiNATION” at Bonifacio Global City’s Offsite Gallery. Photo by Elmer Borlongan, from Plet’s Facebook.


Plet Bolipata
From Plet’s Facebook, her caption reads, “Ev’ry time we say goodbye, I die a little…” Goodnight, peeps. This little kitty cat wants to sleep. Photo by Elmer Borlongan


Plet donated the pink kitty cat to our UNICEF Auction for Action. Photo by Elmer Borlongan, from Plet’s Facebook.


And Elmer donated his work from 2006. He said he didn’t have enough time to paint something new that fit our theme “Play” so he gave a drawing from his archives. Convoy, Pastel on paper, 16.5 x 23 inches, 2006. (Apparently the original painting of this is owned by Karen Davila). It currently has the most bids among the lot, and it’s only Day 3. You can keep track here.


Black Hat in a Pink Kitty by Plet Bolipata. This is how it appears in the site. But this photo doesn’t quite give the piece justice.


Plet Bolipata
The scale, the proportion, the craziness. Please keep track of Plet’s Kitty Kat in the auction here.


This was the note Plet sent me a few weeks ago near our Auction deadline –

Dear Daphne

My parents, when they were younger and newly married, co-authored a book on stories of UNICEF which they published and distributed in public schools all over the Philippines. I grew up with this book so it sentimental for me to help in anyway possible.

I was able to finish one fiberglass resin kitty cat for the auction. Happiness!



Thank you, Plet. I want a piece of your world now. I want to see life through the eyes of a child. Lily, my 6 year old, just saw your photos and she was giddy! “It is the same sculptures from the park I went to.” Patrick took her to Bonifacio weeks ago. She wants to be an artist just like you. And she wants this pink kitty in her bedroom. Haha! Thank you for sharing your wonderland and for making a huge difference in the lives of children!







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