I am very excited about this. For some reason, I am invited to meet Yves Carcelle, chairman & CEO of Louis Vuitton. I could only think it’s because of this blog, for my traditional media (my TV show) doesn’t merit invites to meet CEOs of luxury brands. This is a great opportunity to meet the man who led Louis Vuitton since 1990; and who, according to FT, “is credited with having made Louis Vuitton one of the most profitable and ubiquitous luxury goods brand.”


In other news… I went to the St. James Bazaar in Ayala Alabang over the weekend. Now I can’t say I’m a fan of bazaars. I have not been to a bazaar in the past two years. I just sort of missed it, so I went to St. James. It was so much fun. Filled with lots of new products from creative entrepreneurs. The only things I bought though, were hand woven basketry by the Mangyan tribe and this card wallet. It says it’s “Italian Leather.” But it was only P700. I hope it holds up for a few months.


I bought it because of the rows of card pockets on both sides. This is exactly what I need to hold my discount cards, shopping points cards and other IDs.


This old Fino card holder has served me well. I’m overdue for a change.


P1010671I also got this gift to self. Not at the bazaar, but at the Kate Spade shop in Rockwell. I’ve been using a green wallet for many years. I heard from someone that green wallets give good luck. Should I be nervous about going with a gold wallet? I figured, gold will probably attract more gold? I liked the size and shape and I’m all about the zipper. All the better to hold my stuff in.


I got my first Christmas gift over the weekend. Isabel Gatuslao gave me the prettiest present. I normally open presents on Christmas Eve, so I don’t know what’s inside. Doesn’t matter, really, because the packaging alone is so pretty! I love the Crane’s gift tag. She bought them in National Book Store. But the wrapping paper – she designed it herself. So lovely! I love artichoke. To look at and to eat. You have to read her story on why artichoke. Isabel had to have a minimum order of sheets printed in order to meet the printer’s policy. So she ended up selling rolls of these beautiful artichoke wrapping paper in Kish at P250/10.

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Makati City 1209
t: 02.896.8366



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