Rachelle Wenger Interiors at Au Courant



“Marble, the first material I am introducing for my home line is a natural material which takes thousands of years to form.  Romblon’s marble is considered one of the strongest if not the strongest in the world.” — Rachelle Wenger


These marble products are specially handcrafted by local artisans from Romblon.  Its beauty lies on its unique grains and lines and no two items are exactly identical. With every acquisition of this product, you help the livelihood in Romblon province and fund scholars.


You can find Rachelle Wenger Interiors and other fabulous home and fashion sources at Cura V’s trunk show on May 10th and 11th at Rockwell Centre’s Kirov Model Unit beside the tent.







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  • Rachelle

    Thank you, Daph!

  • http://www.topazhorizon.com/ Topaz Horizon

    Congratulations, Rachelle! =)

    Daphne, I met Rachelle at your home scents tea party (we were seated at the same table) and Vince and I thought she is such a wonderful and gracious woman, who’s also really tough. She gave us some pointers on raising sons! =)

    • Anonymous

      Rach is lovely. Glad you met her.

  • Rachelle

    Hi Frances, thank you so much! You are doing so well with raising your boys. Congratulations to you and Vince on the new baby!

  • Rachelle

    Hi Daph, thank you again for the support!