Reminders and panic



Hi everyone.

I wrote this last night when I just got back from the Black Eyed Peas concert. It was fun. But Holy tiredness Batman. Age… Then I fell asleep before posting it. So here it is again.

I just wanted to post a few quick reminders before I completely doze off. I value this website so much, I spend a lot of time and money on it. I’m more than happy that these efforts are paying off because the readership has tripled since I launched this site (compared to my livejournal). I’m so thrilled at the community we have here. You are awesome readers!

I have technical issues with my site right now. So while I’m figuring everything out, please check my Facebook page. And if you like it, please “Like” it. I plan to have a little giveaway there.


And now the reminders:

1. Please respect intellectual property rights. I do not feel good about my photos being grabbed and reposted on other sites. So please do not borrow my photos. But feel free to link to and attribute my site. Links are always good. However if you really feel strongly about borrowing my photo to use in your blog, please ask me at October, by the way, is intellectual property month.

2. Re-blogging is also not cool. I personally find it unethical. I read somewhere, Huffington Post I think, you can only quote up to 3 or 4 sentences from another site -with links and credit of course. But any longer than that is already somewhat like plagiarism. I’m okay with one paragraph with link. But please do not cut and paste my entire entry and repost in your site. Not cool. (Unless it’s for a good cause and I specifically request you to.)

3. This is not Please do not post links to your selling sites. That’s spam advertising.

4. I really appreciate all your comments. I read them all. Sometimes though, I get to read them while I’m on the go then I lose track of which comments I’ve answered or not. If you don’t get an answer to your question, please ask me again. I don’t mind. But I hope you don’t get frustrated. The one who sent hate mail just because her question got “ignored” was… not cool.

5. There are questions I really can’t answer always – like a) how much is this/that, because I’m not a selling site;  b) where did I buy this/that, because I usually identify my sources in my captions anyway, and those that I don’t identify are just random things. I don’t feel like I have to credit every single item that I own or wear. Or should I? I don’t consider myself a style blogger; and c) what’s the contact number of architects and designers, because there’s Google and professional directories. Anyway if I had their contact info, I would have written it in the entry.

6. The items in 5a, b and c are not written in stone though. I mean, I could give you info that I’ve just forgotten to put in the body of the story. So please don’t be afraid to ask if you feel compelled. Just please do not get offended if I can’t answer you.

6. For UZ concerns – like contact numbers, you may email

7. For interest in advertising in this site, you may contact me through

8. Pinterest is ok. Pin away…



I’m a little freaked out right now, since last night actually.  Apparently traffic to my site is so high that my webhost’s other clients are being affected. So I may have to transfer to another webhost. I don’t even know what all that means. But hopefully it’s all under control.

It’s true. Bandwith is the new gold. Where can I hoard that?

While I’m having problems here, please check my FB regularly… Thanks!



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