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Last night’s Urban Zone episode got a lot of feedback in Facebook and in my Twitter. Well, all episodes do. But last night’s was special because it featured the work of two young architects, Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz. Both are graduates of University of Santo Tomas architecture and both just got their Masters degree in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. This was their first project after coming back from Milan.

It was a total renovation of a 16-year old house. The couple who had bought the house initially wanted their design services for the interiors only. Kellyn and Rex presented them with two scenarios – new furniture only and/or complete reconstruction of the house. The owners were impressed and went for it.

Here are the results. All photos are from Kellyn See.










Amazing, eh?

As of writing this, Kellyn and Rex don’t have a website yet. For now you can look for them in Facebook. Catch them while they’re still young and (hopefully) affordable.

EDIT:  Here are some photos from my camera before the batteries went dead.


With Kellyn and Rex


The ledge in the front of the house (it’s cement). This has the effect of continuing all the way inside.


The living room.


There’s the ledge


View from the foyer


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