Rubies, lace and fountain pens



Ruby day today.
Tuesday night, I hosted the launch of Sheaffer pens, exclusively available at National Book Store. I felt the occasion called for the rubies. Sigh. I thought it went well with K&Company‘s new dress -this stunning nude and blush pink lace slip dress. I am all about lace right now (always have been). And K&Company has them in all textures and silhouettes. Unfortunately I do not have a full shot of me. Perhaps next week when the PR group sends me photos from the event.


During the event I did a little walkthrough of the museum pieces on display. Very interesting that they had a line called PFM or Pen For Men in 1959. There were some stunning fountain pens made of gold and silver. It made me wish I was a serious fountain pen user.


This is from Sheaffer’s current collection, now available in National Book Store. At the event, the members of the Fountain Pen Network of the Philippines were all paying attention while I hosted. I love it when the audience is totally with me. And I love it when people are passionate about special things. And fountain pens are really special.


For more information about Sheaffer, check out National Book Store’s Facebook page.



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  • Ria V

    They are quite special. I hope they gave you one? It will transform the way you write.

    • Anonymous

      got a pretty one but not fountain pen.

  • Mira_scarlett

    Hi! Was wondering how much will it cost for earrings like yours. Ruby is mybirthstone and i am just starting my small collection. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      A ruby is a precious gemstone. Like sapphire, diamond, emerald. There are also levels and criteria (clarity, size, weight etc). You can just check with jewellers re current market value of rubies. And if you are just starting a collection, I suggest you get something a bit more modest and less statement-ish. There are some lovely smaller rubies set with small diamonds around. You can even wear those everyday as opposed to this which is long, dangling and big. 

      I hope this helps.

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