Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator



I can’t wait to start using my new kitchen. Everything is practically done, but we are still waiting for my sink. The shipping issue is the cause of delay. But my Samsung refrigerator is here! And I can’t tell you enough how gorgeous and amazing it is! I am so grateful to Samsung for choosing me to be their local brand ambassador. And I’m extremely proud to be the one. This refrigerator is THE dream refrigerator of many. Not only is it amazing in design and function but also it is energy efficient!




So it turns out PSY of the Gangnam Style fame is THE Samsung endorser in Korea! Look at his commercial for the new refrigerator. Like mine, it has French doors. His model has little compartments but basically it’s the same as mine! It’s so cool! Haha.



This is our refrigerator. It is HUGE! And we have a tiny kitchen. So it will seem out of scale when I do my big reveal. But we are a growing family. And this is perfect for all my grocery and market requirements. The kids love how organized it is! That separate chiller drawer is so handy for the little ones and because its independent, opening it won’t affect the cooling efficiency of the upper fridge and freezer below.




Here are the models that are available in the Philippines. The suggested retail prices are also noted here, but do watch out for sales and promos. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator or are ready for an upgrade, consider Samsung Digital Appliances. It really makes a difference – in the energy efficiency alone, it’s already worth it.




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  • Liza G. Clutario

    Great! I have a 2-door Samsung ref as well. No frost. I bought it year 2004 and still working great up to this time. But would love to have that huge french door ref someday! 🙂

    You’ve been doing great on your product endorsements. Congratulations Ms Daphne.

  • Topaz Horizon

    Our ref is a Samsung, too! It’s so COLD! So efficient and no frost and hindi matakaw sa electricity! =)

  • Grace

    I love our Samsung ref! So spacious! Ours is a side by side, the same as the first picture, actually. I have to note though that we bought it at almost half the price here in UAE!