Samsung Love@Home



A few days before Holy Week, I attended the dealer’s launch for Samsung’s newest digital home appliances at the Rockwell Tent. Samsung dealers from all over the metro were given a virtual tour of the “Samsung Home” and got valuable pointers on how they can improve their household and build stronger ties among family members with a little help from Samsung.


With me were my fellow Samsung Brand Ambassadors, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. We shared stories of our own Samsung digital inverter appliances at home. In my kitchen alone I have the French-door refrigerator, microwave and air conditioner.


Samsung Digital Air Conditioner can be relied on to provide cool, and germ-free air with its patented virus detector technology that immobilizes and deactivates bacteria, and turns them into water vapor resulting to a steady flow of clean air. It also has a Smart Inverter Technology that makes it 60% energy-efficient. Some models have advanced Smart Wi-Fi, which means it can be controlled remotely from virtually anywhere with internet connection.



The Samsung Digital Appliances team headed by Daejoong Kim, Business Unit Adviser and Joey Hidalgo, Business Unit Head.


It was a very blue evening – all of us in Samsung blue – with Samsung Marketing Director Benjie Jimenez and Head of Corporate Marketing Chiqui Torres Tan.


So happy to share that there are smaller and more affordable Samsung digital inverter refrigerators now. All are filled with features that make it the definitive kitchen appliance – energy-efficient, innovative, and keeps foods fresh and crisp all the time.


This is the latest and more luxurious version of my refrigerator. It comes in a mirrored and speckled finish.


Sorry that all the photos have me in it. These are from the press releases. If you want to know more about Samsung digital home appliances, please check out their Facebook page and website.




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