This season saw the opening of many foreign fashion brands here in Manila. It is a really exciting time for shoppers, but also a bit nerve-wracking for local retailers. I say all this competition is healthy for our economy. Plus for the many travellers who shop abroad, now you can focus on doing other things that travellers do like eat, see historical/architectural sites, experience local culture. I feel there will be less “need” for me to shop when I travel because almost everything is here now!

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of Sfera. Its first branch is located at the second floor of SM Makati. Sfera is a Spanish brand that carries current fashion for women, men, and children. I really liked the personality of the brand. Lots of comfortable and current styles, but not exactly too trendy. I found a lot of relaxed clothing that’s perfect for casual days. But also discovered some interesting printed outfits and tailored items. The good news is – prices are very affordable. They had dresses as low as P1,200. On an average, each item I bought didn’t go over P2,000. I think I found my new favourite fast-fashion retailer.


I almost got this grey sweatshirt but realized that I would need to actually make this blog come alive again. It’s kind of been in a long slumber. Haha. So sorry for being lackadaisical about updating my blog.


These printed long sleeve shirt dresses are perfect for lazy weekends, while polished enough for easy meetings.


I wore that red dress during a ribbon cutting ceremony at Manila FAME.


I loved their collection of intimates. I got a couple of these stretchy lace-lined camisoles.


Interesting details


The accessories were arranged by themes. This beaded clutch had that nice Navajo pattern.




The kids clothing are really “cool” – this, according to Sophia and Lily. And really friendly on the pocket. So affordable.


See what I mean?


I don’t know what’s happening, but my girls are really really into sweatshirts these days. They want to wear sweats every day.


Cute tween fashion


They even have infant wear


With the merchandising team of Sfera. I love how no one wears socks in a certain demographic these days.


With Jenni Epperson, Patti Filart and Rica Bonifacio.


sfera collage
Lately all I’ve been wearing is Sfera. Good for non-occasion days and easy to spiff up for dressier parties.


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  • http://www.currystrumpet.com/ Deepa

    Jealous! There are so many brands in Manila that I wish would open here in Amsterdam. We just got Forever 21 and Pull & Bear a couple of months ago. Brand-wise, I’ve come to realize this is not really an exciting place to shop.

    • Anonymous

      Yes there are many brands here. But it makes fashion so…. _______. Can’t find a word. That everything is so accessible. And instead of two fashion seasons, there are like 12+ in H&M. It’s too fast. I come from a generation with really well-made clothes. And I fall in love with them and keep them. Now, we have to unload faster. Was just thinking of all the consumption and waste of energy. Oh well…

      Meanwhile, gotta go shopping now. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    Read this yesterday and later that night I found myself in SM Makati. I found the clothes given the prices impressive. However I do share your concern that so many imported brands are coming into the country and they might squeeze out the local companies. Also, shopping is getting to be generic/homogenous. Every mall has the same lineup of stores. And quality turns out to be a bigger issue than I expected (since we line-dry clothes, I was thinking it would mitigate the deficiency)

    • Anonymous

      it’s happening all over the world. it’s the new normal. haha.

  • Cristy

    Thanks for the info Miss Daphne. I’m kind of reluctant to go inside the store because it looks too expensive designs. My work requires a bit formal dresses, I’ll probably go there next payday 🙂