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A couple of weeks ago, we brought our whole family to Singapore. We were there as guests of Singapore Tourism Board (STB). They prepared a wonderful itinerary for us so the kids got to see the best and newest attractions.

This was my third trip to Singapore — the first two also as guest of STB. In the early 2000’s they flew me in to check out the arts and culture scene plus the successful urban renewal and gentrification of Clark and Boat Quays. The second time, they flew the F crew and showed us the best shopping and dining experiences. This trip was my first with Patrick and the kids. I love Singapore. It feels like the Toronto of Asia (well-planned, green, beautiful, child-friendly).

If you are looking for a comfortable and fun place to visit over the holidays, consider Singapore. It’s a great place for kids and kids at heart. I will be posting tips and addresses, as well as our four-day itinerary to help you plan. Feel free to ask me in case I miss anything. I hope you enjoy our Singapore Diaries.


Our journey started at at NAIA.


From Changi airport, we were met by our guide and driven to our first destination.


Our first stop, Resorts World Sentosa for a quick dinner before a show.


Resorts World’s food court replicated a street scene with eateries and shop houses, but it was indoors and fully airconditioned. For more info check out Malaysian Food Street.


For our first meal we had to have chicken rice. Lily loved that the rice was formed into balls.


Took a stroll around Resorts World.


We watched Lightseeker, a musical with amazing live-action stunts.


The kids loved it. Though Stella, being only 4 years old, got scared of some scenes. There’s a bad guy and some scenes were dark compared to her purple and pink glittery world. Nothing a little hug from mommy couldn’t fix.


The trip’s itinerary revolved around attractions for the family. I didn’t have much real shopping time but when there’s a will, there’s always a way. I was able to squeeze in an hour at ION Orchard. I also requested to stop by a small specialty store that I had researched about.

Our hotel, Orchard Parade Hotel, was in a great location at the foot of Orchard Road where all the amazing shopping was. The room can accommodate families. We had two twin beds and one queen.

Here’s what our itinerary looked like –

Day 1
Afternoon arrival
Dinner at Resorts World
LightSeeker musical at Resorts World

Day 2
Gardens by the Bay
Bugis Street
Hippo Bus Tour
Dinner at Wild Honey

Day 3
SEA Aquarium
Lunch at Putien
Universal Studios
Quick dinner
My shopping escape – one hour at ION Orchard

Day 4
River Safari
Afternoon departure

There are a few things we missed from the original plan – Singapore River Cruise (the kids were too sleepy), Songs of the Sea (I chose to shop instead. I really needed to get some toys for Christmas) and Singapore Zoo (We spent most of our time at River Safari; and also it had been raining.) I feel bad for missing some sites, but we saw so much as it was. And the kids loved every single place we went to. They had fun, and they learned a lot.

Here are snippets from some of the shopping and dining we experienced.


I got an hour of shopping at ION Orchard. Not enough but I got things done. I had to carefully plan my moves. The Filipina receptionist was so helpful. And I met so many blog readers and viewers of Urban Zone.


Kate Spade Saturday at ION Orchard was one of my must-sees. It’s the first store outside of the US and Japan. Loved everything! I bought two bags.


I got a few gifts from Cath Kidston.


DSC_5198 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Shopping on Bugis Street (AC) Preview
I remember Bugis Street before it’s new facelift. It has become a unique retail shopping location. Bugis Street now houses almost 800 shops, and is the largest street shopping location in Singapore.


DSC_5174 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Shopping on Bugis Street (AC) Preview
The cutest USB memory sticks can be found at this mall on Bugis Street.


DSC_5222 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Shopping on Bugis Street (AC) Preview
There is a reason Stella is hiding. She said the smell of durian was killing her. Haha. Seriously, she used those words. Durian is one of Patrick’s favourite fruits.


DSC_5261 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Shopping on Bugis Street (AC) Preview
I asked our STB guide to take me to this store called Small so I could buy another pair of Swedish Hasbeens. I love that little shopping enclave — Cluny Court. It’s filled with quaint shops. Not the cheapest, exactly. But really well-curated and mostly European.


DSC_5450 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Wild Honey (AC) Preview
It rained every night we were there – from drizzles to real rain. But it didn’t stop us from riding the Hippo Bus. We also got to take a short stroll.


DSC_5377 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@SChristmas on A Great Street (AC) Preview
Stella was sleeping comfortably in her covered stroller.


One of our best meals was at Satay by the Bay. Go here when you visit Gardens by the Bay. It comprises of over 20 food stalls set beneath canopies of green roofs with natural ventilation from the waterfront.


Lily is my most “foodie” daughter. She was ready to try anything — as long as it wasn’t spicy.


She loved chicken satay and ofcourse, Hainanese chicken rice. Oh most of the kids outfits were from Gingersnaps, like this one.


DSC_5119 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Satay by the Bay (AC) Preview
This is real life. Haha. So serious! We actually had a wonderful professional photographer, Andrew Chua, documenting our trip for us. He captured amazing shots that will surely make this trip even more memorable. Most of the good shots from this entry are by Andrew. The rest are my snaps from my phone cam.


DSC_5151 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Satay by the Bay (AC) Preview
I loved everything we ordered, especially the beans. I hear it’s gorgeous here at night with all the lights illuminating the gardens.


The bathrooms at Satay by the Bay are surrounded by gardens. In the distance you’ll see Marina Bay Sands.


We loved everything at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. I’m a fan of all-day breakfast food. We even had a side order of Canadian back bacon. Yum.


Wild Honey had a really cute display of Sylvanian Family toys.


DSC_5386 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Wild Honey (AC) Preview
Soph, Lily and Stella collect these little critters and their play house accessories.


Yes they are that small. You can just imagine how mixed up our Sylvanian Family/Calico Critters sets are.


DSC_5852 STB 011213 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@RWS USS (AC) Preview
Lunch at Putien in Resorts World Sentosa. Since its humble beginnings in Singapore in 2000, Putien has become renowned for authentic home-style Heng Hwa cuisine and has been voted as one of Singapore’s best 50 restaurants.


Beautiful abalone on ice. Patrick said it was excellent. Unfortunately I have to lay off all forms of seafood and shellfish for now until I figure out what I really am allergic to. Everything else was really good. Ask for Deep Fried Pig’s Trotter with Salt and Pepper.


I’ll be posting a few more stories about our Singapore trip. Here is Singapore Diaries 2 – Gardens by the Bay. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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