Smart Parenting Cover



Smart Parenting January 2013


I’m thrilled to be starting the year with a rare shot of all my girls in this Smart Parenting cover.

Anyone who’s been involved in professional shoots with kids will know that it isn’t easy to get the perfect shot. I’ve done this a few times and the truth is, I get the easier part of the job. I know that all I have to do is be ready every single second we’re shooting and let the stylist, producers, directors try anything to get the kids’ attention while the photographer stands by to get the perfect shot. You don’t want to be the one that ruins the photo – like have the 3 girls ready with their perfect smiles while the mama is caught with her eyes half closed. It’s all so technical. And it can be stressful for the kids (and me) if the team isn’t used to shooting kids.

This shoot was fun and easy. The Smart Parenting team is so good at handling children. Lily had just recovered from the flu. Soph had a fashion almost-meltdown, haha (tween issues). And Stella was busy being herself. The editors brought toys for the kids to play with. The stylist was kind enough to change Sophia’s outfit. To this day Stella keeps asking, “Why is there no photo shoot today?” She associates photo shoot with playing.

Smart Parenting Jan-Feb 2013 is now in magazine stands and bookstores nationwide. There is also an online version in Zinio but the link isn’t up yet.



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