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I went in to Studio Fix yesterday to get a haircut. I texted Alex Carbonell for an appointment, saying I needed a change. I’d never had my hair this long before. And though I love the length I have to say that it hasn’t been easy to maintain. I don’t have time to get my hair blown out and set everyday. So I’d been relying on my hair accessories – spin pins, forks, clamps and clips to get my hair somewhat presentable.

Alex gave me options – a shoulder-length bob, new colour or maintain the length ala JLo. Can’t say JLo was ever my style peg but she is very beautiful and her hair is gorgeous. I knew I couldn’t maintain JLo hair on a daily basis. So that conversation didn’t last long. Then one thing led to another and I ended up getting Soft Set – Alex’s version of the digital perm. Its the newest digital perm process using Nano technology and ceramic rods. Alex said the results are texture and soft bounce, not the usual frizzy big permed waves of the last decade.

Remember that my hair has never gone through any chemical treatments before. I’ve never even tried rebonding. The most I’d done is get deep conditioning treatments. I actually surprised myself that I said yes instantly when Alex showed me the brochure that said “Soft Set. Seductive soft curls and romantic ringlets.” To me it meant the end of curling irons.


The whole process took almost 4 hours. It started with shampoo, then Alex trimmed my hair.


They gave me a treatment to soften the hair which took about an hour. Then they placed some sort of setting lotion for half an hour. After, they wrapped the hair in curlers. This had to be done with careful precision so that the curls would be soft and big. And each rod was attached to a wire that eventually heated up. The heating process only took 20 minutes.


We waited for the rods to cool down. They applied another treatment to “neutralize”. Then we washed my hair, applied a leave-in conditioner and curl enhancer.


Soft Set
And this is what my curls looked like when I left the salon! I love it!!!


Digital perm
And here’s what my hair looked like this morning straight out of bed. Soft and bouncy. Note, I just got out of bed then.


photo 5
It’s exactly what I wanted. Soft Set rocks! I love it!


Here are the FAQs from Twitter –

How long will it last?
It promises to be soft and with waves for 6 to 8 months.

How about maintenance?
Low maintenance. Just use moisture shampoo and light conditioner. Get a treatment once a month which you should be doing anyway even without a perm. Avoid combing harshly. Manipulate w fingers only and a styling product that can define curls such as curl definer hair balms or lotions.

How much is Soft Set?
The brochure listed prices – Medium Php 4,250. Long Php 6,450. Very Long Php 8,650.

Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell
Level 4, Greenbelt 5 Makati



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