Spots, Stripes and Flowers



I was in Cebu last Monday for Urban Zone. We were the guests of Radisson Blu. It was an intense overnight trip. I shot three show spiels and one house all in a day. Then I flew back the next morning. As always, I loved being in Cebu. Wish we had a home there.


Stripes & spots today. #cathkidston
This was me going home, rushing to see my family. Unfortunately, our plane was stuck in the air and couldn’t land in the congested NAIA runway. So that delayed everything. Plus, the stress.


Because some have already asked thru Twitter, I shall answer now. My striped dress, I have a few of these, is from Muji. This is my uniform when I don’t want to think about what to wear. Shoes are Pedro Garcia cork platforms. My day bag was an LV Speedy. And my that cute spot carry on is a Cath Kidston Spot Overnight Bag. This is the one Cath Kidston sent me a couple of months ago. Same one as Kate Middleton’s.


Cath Kidston
Last week, I did a styling gig for Metro Home magazine. I brought out my Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Teapot. It was the perfect table accessory. It prettified the table so well. I can’t wait for the issue to come out.


And because they’re my sponsor, Cath Kidston“>here.



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