My husband is a “minimalist” with everything except bicycles. How a man can have more than 5 bicycles is beyond my comprehension. But… whatever makes him happy. His other things remain sparse, or rather, well edited. He appreciates design “stuff” but he doesn’t like acquiring too much of it. He hates clutter. So I was so surprised when he asked me about my Moleskine tote. He said he was interested in the envelope-type portfolio. I jumped on the opportunity and we went shopping at National Book Store!


This is the Moleskine 13″ laptop case. Patrick plans to use it to carry his iPad and stacks of paper to and from the office.


I love how it’s just an envelope. He isn’t the bag-carrying type of person. He basically just needs to keep his office things in order – to and from the car.


And just like all Moleskine products, this has a “Return to” address label. And it’s upside down. So when you look at it from above, it’s actually the right side up.


Then it was my turn. I bought myself another box of Crane’s stationery with my monogram on it. Lovely 100% cotton, letterpress. I can’t ever have enough beautiful paper in my stash. I love handwritten notes.


A few days ago, I got Kelly Wearstler’s Hue as a gift. The universe heard my tweet, or was it a facebook comment, “She can do no wrong in my books.” It’s true. If I could be her disciple, I would. My secretary desk is very un-Kelly though. Being all beat up and all. That’s just “me” and my design statement. Or rather, just making good use of what we have. I also got Christiane Lemieux’s Undecorate and The Happy Home Project. Nice.


Kelly Wearstler on Daphne Linens. Can I toot my own horn? I love my sheets. Tee hee. I like them crisp and then wrinkled-crisp. 100% long staple cotton, 380 threadcount. These are still in SM Homeworld and Our Home.


A few days ago, a friend had a little dilemma. And I actually told her, “Just think, what would Kelly do?” So ya, she’s been our peg.


The shopping spree continued. Sophia did well during her first term this school year. She still has a lot of unread books in her stash so I didn’t get her a new book. Instead, I got her this cool book light to make sure she doesn’t read in the dark. Can’t go wrong with this, it’s got LED lights and it’s USB rechargeable!


Beautiful design from Moleskine. I think it’ll be mine one day…


I especially love the USB rechargeable aspect. I forgot how much it was. You can check National Book Store facebook page.




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