Stella’s field trip



Yesterday I went with Stella on her second field trip. She’s been in preschool since she was 21 months. It’s not a couture fancy preschool. Just a lovely little school where all my kids learned how to be with other kids, play, perform, be kind and eventually read. We’ve been at that school since 2005. So this is my 7th year as a field trip mom. I haven’t missed one. Every year it’s different.

We went to a couple factories (more like we were herded, haha). Then we travelled to UP Los Banos to have our lunch. Beautiful place.


UPLB Botanical Gardens. We tried to look for a spot where we could have our picnic. But we were getting drizzles and showers.


photo 4
We ate by the tables. Stella insisted on having her picnic. So I set up her mat on the pavement (there was no grassy area there).


Then it started to rain. We used the mat as our “umbrella” because our actual umbrella was too small. I carried the cooler and three bags in one hand. Stella held the other end of the mat. After saying bye to Mt Makiling, Stella was looking for her bed.


photo 4
Then she fell asleep on my lap. Bunso.



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