Tatjana clutch


Last Thursday I attended the launch of jeweller Janina Dizon’s new bag line called Tatjana. I had a dilemma. It was a mommy & daughters’ day. I took my two older girls to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 (which we loved, by the way. Lots of sensitive issues. It was really sweet.) But I also didn’t want to miss Jenny’s bags. So I asked if I could bring my two rabbits. I was hoping her kids would be there too.


janina dizon
Jenny’s event was at the Presidential Suite of the Peninsula Manila. Gorgeous space. We felt like little princesses at a private tea party. Jenny asked everyone to wear hats or fascinators. But I pretended I didn’t get the memo. Haha. All the ladies looked so lovely.


I constantly think of ways for my collection to evolve and it was a natural progression to introduce a handbag line. I am very excited to present to you my newest line, color blocked stingray clutches called the Tatjana.

The Tatjana was named after my playful little daughter. Crafted with exotic stingray and fine lambskin, it’s a color extravaganza
with a precious detail- a 3 pointer brilliant cut diamond that is
placed either inside or outside the flap.

The yummy hues come in sunny yellow, grass green, blue sapphires, hot pinks and many many more.

Bespoke orders allow clients to choose their desired skins, (stingray, alligator, python or water snake) color combinations and diamond placements.


Janina Dizon
The stingray clutches were laid out beautifully across the tables. Major eye candy.


Janina Dizon
Each clutch comes with a 0.33 carat diamond – either inside or outside the flap.


Janina Dizon
It’s a nice size for going out. It can fit a phone and a camera.


Janina Dizon - Tatjana Clutch
Comes in a myriad of colours.


Lily dance
Lily couldn’t help but twirl and dance.


Brought the girls to Janina's tea party
Me and my girls. I wore a purple K&Company dress from their current collection.


Tatjana Clutch
JANINA for Jul Dizon, Mezzanine of the Peninsula Manila Hotel, Mobile 0922.8163449

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