Terrariums by RAAB



Ever since I saw my friend Carlo Tadiar’s collection of terrariums, I felt there was something about this old hobby/art that I could possibly grow to love. I don’t have a green thumb. Every green thing I own ends up dying. Quite the opposite of my mother who can make hibiscus and orchids bloom even in the dead of winter.


Carlo’s terrariums and jars are beautiful. Carlo just picked up the hobby by reading up on it. (Carlo is the Editor in Chief of Metro Home).


Then I saw these terrariums by RAAB at Isabel Gatuslao’s apartment. Carlo was also with us that night. And he also fell in love with RAAB’s terrariums. They exchanged plant stories.


Isabel worked on RAAB’s logo and branding. How lovely. Since I mentioned the terrariums in my blog, RAAB had been contacted for orders and features by magazines.


Terrarium No 16: La Violetta. Photo from RAAB’s Facebook Page.


Terrarium No 17 : Triptych Cliffs. I love how this looks like a miniature landscape. Photo from RAAB’s Facebook Page.


Our beautiful terrarium by Raab.
And here is our own Terrarium by RAAB. I just used my iPhone for this photo. I love staring at our terrarium. It’s so soothing! I could be wrong but this looks like Terrarium No 15 : La colina in red. Score!


I got ours at the Freakin Chicken booth at the Negros Fair in Rockwell Tent yesterday. RAAB is there. He also cooks. He makes a really good Bacolod beef soup called Kansi. Buy it. You will love it. He’s there ’til tomorrow Sunday, September 30. After, you can find him thru his Facebook Page.

I just love it when people pursue their passions. Get really great at them. And share them with the rest of the world.



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