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Thank you so much Town & Country Philippines. I’ve been meaning to post this since the Design List last month then I got overtaken by events only to find out I made to a second list this month. I hope Summit Publishing doesn’t mind that I’m sharing some photos of the pages here. Really floored that I’m even in your radar. Thank you!!!


August 2011
August 2011


This year’s list of 101 People You Must Meet Right Now.


The list included business leaders Ramon Ang, Tessie Sy, Miguel Ramos, Anton Huang, Crystalle Henares and Noey Lopez.


And creative geniuses Bea Valdes, Ben Chan, Josie Natori and Rajo Laurel as well as model Danica Magpantay.


Political newsmakers Mar Roxas, Juan Ponce Enrile and Serafin Cuevas. I love these drawings.


And here’s the page I’m in with social entrepreneurs Margarita Delgado, Lizzie Zobel and chef restaurateur Margarita Fores.


I’m in the design category. Whee!


I can’t get over my cartoon self. Haha. I look better here than I do in real life and pictures. Haha.


July 2011
This was last month’s cover with Anna Sy (July 2011).


They came up with their first annual design list.


Humbled that my little creative enterprises got recognized. Now I have to work extra hard to live up to everything they wrote. Yikes.



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