That F day



I meant to post this in the morning but my life took over and I forgot to press “publish”. I’m having a crazy week. Like I mentioned, April is all about new beginnings for me. I started a new job with the TV5 network, specifically a talkshow in AksyonTV. This week my collaboration with a big retail chain finally comes together after months of planning. We shoot the campaign in a few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am. And the re-release of Daphne Furniture® in my new retail partner is happening now as I type. I will announce when ready. Sigh.

My real life takes precedence over whatever work I’m trying to accomplish though. My kids started their summer activities. And any parent can tell you that summer activities and schedules are insane! Last year I had them all in a summer camp in one place. They did their singing, ballet, swimming and theatre while I ran the treadmill. None of that is happening this season. My kids and I have decided to step up the singing and theatre game by signing up in a more serious place. Unfortunately, little Stella isn’t included in the plans. So I have to find the time to get her some swimming lessons. Let’s not talk about the heat yet…

Anyway, here are some things of beauty. Photos and outtakes from our F reunion. Hard to believe it’s been three weeks. I can’t share the official photos yet until they’re published in print.

All photos taken using Olympus PEN EP3


I will never get tired of Jewelmer south sea pearls. Look at the rings we got to wear that day. Some styles I can identify – Lautitia Effloro, Margherita and Rosone.


Amanda’s Jimmy Choos were a gift from her husband, David. They’re so beautiful.


I wore Jewelmer’s Lautitia Ostrea ring.


MAC Cosmetics hair and makeup team groomed us all day.


One of my favourite photographers, Jake Versoza.


The four F girls and our shoes.


More Jewelmer candies worn by me and Cher.



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