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His happy place. #vinyl
Patrick and his vinyl thing


We’re back to sharing music. For many years we sort of went our separate ways with music. Each listening to his/her own play list. Then when we’re in the car, there’s no music, just DVD movies for the kids. Now Patrick set up his old stereo, speakers and turntable again. I brought out my 90’s CDs. It’s nice. Even the kids stay to listen to his tunes.

Just when we were enjoying our old vinyl and CDs, an even more awesome thing happened. I got a gift package from MJ Juco of MCA Universal. I had met her at her parents’ home during an Urban Zone shoot many years ago. She knew the kind of music my kids loved and sent me all this.


Thank you MJ Juco of MCA Universal. Feels like we won the lottery! My girls are giddy! Thanks for the CDs and merchandise of @taylorswift @katyperry @ladygaga #mileycyrus #justinbieber and more! Even The Beatles! And those adorable paperdoll standees of T
A gazillion CDs including Sting, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, The Beatles, 80’s tunes. And also collectibles and Taylor Swift paraphernalia.


Wow! The #MileyCyrus CD given to me by @mca_music's @melissajuco is autographed! Thank you! Go Miley!
I also got this SIGNED Miley Cyrus CD!! Yes, I like Miley’s music.


I also received a rare sampler of The Beatles – On Air Live at the BBC Volume 2. The actual full album and vinyl includes 2 CDs with 37 previously unreleased tracks from The Beatles’ BBC performance. These are currently being sold in music stores. But apparently MCA Universal Philippines only received 10 copies of the sampler from the UK. And one of them is with me. Yay!







Thank you MJ Juco of MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines)!



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