The dove drama

Right after I posted this story about a mourning dove hatching an egg in my parents’ porch, my dad sent me this photo yesterday afternoon.

Parents' house
His email said, “Paloma has left the nest.”

So we were all happy. After all, that’s what birds do. They fly. Paloma was healthy and she was free.

Well, the plot thickens. This morning my dad sent this email…

Parents' house
He wrote, “Today’s find.”

What a big mystery! There was no egg yesterday. It was an empty nest! Where did this egg come from?

This just in: “This is a new one, probably from another bird. They are all over the place. The young bird is gone and must be enjoying flight w/ other birds. Nature’s story is very interesting. Dad”

Wow, and it’s not like they live in the country. They’re in an urbanized area, near the city centre. Wow.

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