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I am like a Mommy chauffeur. My daily schedule revolves around my girls’ school drop off and pick up times. I fix my work commitments so that I can pick up my kids every day. It isn’t as tedious as it sounds. It actually brings me a lot of joy seeing their faces light up when I’m the one picking them up in school. Usually the ride home from school is filled with chatter from all three girls competing for my attention — lots of stories.

In my other life, outside of mommying, I still have to attend to my work — meetings, design and deliver jewellery, attend product launches, host events, do interviews, appear as guest in TV features, have shoots — you get the picture. My September started with my amazing book launch for CHIC: Tips on Life, Style and Work. It has been crazy hectic. I need a vehicle that can take me to places in comfort and style. I usually bring extra bags containing a change of shoes and some make up. I love doing my make up in the car (because of the natural light), so I need a car that runs smoothly. Needless to say, someone drives for me 99% of the time.

The past couple of weeks we have been using the all-new Montero Sport. I was able to test drive this best-selling mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle which won the Top Gear Philippines Shakedown comparing it to all midsize SUVs. It boasts of better performance, comfort and safety. What I like most though, is that it’s a stunner I can take with me wherever.


We have three of these huge suitcase-like school bags that have to be loaded in the back of the car.


My siblings in Toronto are shocked that I can drive in Metro Manila with no hassle. In fact, I find it easier to drive here than in North America because I’m terrified of speed.


The back seats fold up completely flat, leaving a large space for cargo. Perfect for when I do grocery shopping like there’s no tomorrow.


The Montero Sport comes with luxurious black seats. I found the seats very comfortable. It had enough support for my picky back and neck, yet it wasn’t too firm. It was just right.


The seats have a multi-layer cushion with more rounded shoulder which supports the position of your upper torso comfortably. That’s a shameless selfie before going to pilates.


The Montero Sport is fitted with an array of active and passive safety features.


As a mom, I am very strict with seatbelts and carseats. My kids are beyond carseat sizes now. But they always wear seat belts.


20160823_094237 Admittedly, with all the errands that I have to do, having a driver is really a huge perk. I don’t have to worry about parking the car myself.


20160827_132728 This was the time we dropped off my brother-in-law at the airport. Stella sat comfortably at the back. Seatbelts!


I sat in the driver seat, passenger side, back seats. All comfortable.


We liked that there were different temperature controls for the aircon vents. I’m not a fan of super cold cars. While my husband and kids always want cold air blasting in their faces.


I love it when the Skyway is clear and not congested. It makes living in Metro Manila so much more pleasant.


The GPS was enjoyed by my driver. I didn’t have to share my phone/Waze anymore.


On weekends we find ourselves in our soon-to-be cottage (I hope) where we have a few vegetables planted. So we drove to the “farm” in the Montero Sport.


This little piece of heaven already feels like home for the kids.


Traffic was horrendous, as it was a long weekend. But the kids were so comfortable in the back seat. There is a third row for seats but that weekend we used it for cargo. So all three stayed in the second row. And they were more than fine.


We brought some special banana seedlings to the farm.


That pot is huge and it still left plenty of room in the back.


Montero Sport still looks bold and stylish while being sporty. We couldn’t drive it in to the property because we are still mapping out our vegetable patches.


While I am still sketching my site plan, we need to figure out where the driveway would be.


We dropped off our special banana and bamboo plants and brought home some harvest.


Back in the city, on days when I am not working as a host or speaking somewhere, I go about my errands in comfort.
And from my non-technical assessment, I would say that the comfort and ease of the Montero Sport fits my lifestyle – both urban and rural. It is CHIC!


For more information, visit the Mitsubishi Motors Philippines website and learn more about the Montero Sport. For price list, please click here. Like them on Facebook.



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  • Elna Smith

    Daphne, reading this post really made me homesick! 🙁 The farmland you got seems like an idyllic setting for a cottage where you and your family can spend weekends. I miss tropical living–wearing linen & cotton dresses, shorts, etc. Before I got married I lived in a 1-BR condo in Makati and I went home just to sleep – I’m claustrophobic and acrophobic 🙂 and did not enjoy living in a small space especially in a high rise building, though I loved living in Makati. Back then I drove to Batangas every Saturday for relaxation–water sports and long lunches/dinners — it was part of my weekend jaunts and I truly miss it! The new Montero Sport looks like the perfect car for you. My brother has the exact same car and on our last visit I drove around the village once and loved it. I’d be driving a Montero Sport if I ever moved back to the Phils. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      We should take you to this place when you visit next time!

      • Elna Smith

        Yes, would love to do that. Will take you up on that offer, thank you! 🙂

  • Sesame

    You have really good skin. Olay should take you back in their tv ads.