The new Samsung refrigerators



My Samsung digital inverter refrigerator.


Last year I had the privilege of being one of Samsung Digital Appliances’ brand ambassadors where we shared some news on the newest appliances. At home I have the new Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator with French doors and two drawers. It’s so big that I had to tweak the design of my new kitchen in order to make room for it. It is the hub of our kitchen now like most refrigerators are. I’m excited to reveal the results of my kitchen renovation. Soon. Soon.

Back to Samsung. This year Tessa Prieto-Valdes and I return to introduce more Samsung products and innovations that can make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. I’m so happy that there are now smaller and less costly digital inverter refrigerators by Samsung. You get the similar features as my fridge, minus the bulk. These new models are perfect for smaller kitchens and condos. Not that they’re much smaller or compact… they are actually regularly sized as opposed to ours which is larger because of the beautiful double doors.


Chef Jessie in Rockwell was transformed into a modern day kitchen at the recent launch of Samsung’s new line of digital refrigerators


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Chiqui Torres-Tan; Corporate Marketing Head – Samsung Philippines and Daphne Osena-Paez


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
I wore Samsung blue. By chance I found this dress in HK. Behind me are the new models. This range comes in different sizes. All have a 10 year warranty.


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Tessa and I talked about our favourite features with actress Ian Galindez who hosted the show.


Samsung digital inverter refrigerator
Here’s Ian as Sossy Yaya.


I will be blogging about the new refrigerators in detail soon. In a nutshell, here are 10 reasons why Tessa and I love the Samsung Digital Inverter refrigerators…

01  Energy-saving digital inverter comes with a 10-year warranty
02  Easy-slide shelves for easy food access
03  Multi-flow air system
04  Adaptive defrost control
05  Coolpack option that keeps the freezer cooler for an extended period despite power interruptions
06  MoistFresh zone that helps keep fruits and veggies fresh
07  Built-in deodorizing filter that eliminates unwanted smell
08  LED lighting fixture that brightens every corner of the refrigerator
09  Tempered glass shelves that can handle heavy load
10  Big Guard that provides wider and deeper storage space for tall bottles and extra large containers


RT22FARBDSA suggested retail price PHP19,995


RT35FDACDSP SRP PHP31,995. There are a few more models that fall within the budget range of these two I posted above.


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  • Deepa

    Coincidence! We just had one of these installed at home this week. Most apartments here have tiny half-size refs, and the one we have in our new place just won’t cut it. So we got a Samsung ref so we can stock up on frozen meals before the baby comes.

    • Anonymous

      oh wow! that’s a good idea.

      i don’t know how to cook for just 2 or 3 people. i always cook in huge batches. so now i’m able to freeze meals for the rest of the week. north american style. haha.

      • Deepa

        My husband is the same, always cooking for an army!

    • Anonymous

      i meant thats what we used to do in n.america with filipino meals. one week’s worth of menudo, nilaga etc.


    This in history will be marked as the first time I’ve been able to see you. =) Prettier in person… beautiful inside and out =)

    • Anonymous

      you are too sweet. thank you! and i like your photos!