The new Samsung SMART TV



Last week I attended Samsung’s SMART TV Roadshow. As a user of the first generation SMART TV, I was very curious to see what was so new and great about this next gen SMART TV. It was surreal…


I flew solo after shooting all day. So I went for the no fail formula dressing. Black dress, nude pumps, gold clutch. This time I wore the flower necklace I created. Each flower represents one daughter. The rose is Sophia Rose, the lily is Lily Paloma and the daisy is Stella Margarita (margarita means daisy).


Tootsy Angara and Daphne Osena-Paez
With one of my first friends in Manila, Tootsy Angara. Not too many people know that I actually started my TV career as a short-lived and quite unsuccessful AE (account executive) for Studio 23. It’s a long story. Let’s just say, I’m glad I chose the path I chose. And I’m glad Tootsy and our other friend Gia Apelo-Ramos stayed. They are now big bosses in ABS-CBN. I’m so proud of them.


SEPCO Business Unit Head for AV - Ariel Arias
Samsung executive, Ariel Arias presented the new Samsung SMART TV. We were all in awe of both the SMART TV and Ariel’s presentation skills.


In my table, Tessa Valdes, Ernie Lopez and Anton San Diego. All of us were impressed when Ariel announced that…


…this TV doesn’t need a remote control. You can do everything by motion, face and voice control. Very “Minority Report” high tech.


Well, we own a first generation SMART TV. And let me tell you, we haven’t even maximized it’s potential. It has a lot of apps and it’s internet-capable. Right now it is owned by our three children. It’s summer and they are watching movies and shows at home. It is too hot to play outdoors sometimes. This new 2012 SMART TV has even more features – aside from the face, motion and voice recognition, it has more than 1,500 Samsung SMART TV apps including Angry Birds and other games.

If you’re holding back because tech companies release new versions too fast, you don’t need to worry. This version is “upgradable.” If and when they discover and release new technology, all you have to do is get a new chip and your TV is all of a sudden “the latest”.

2012 Samsung Smart TV will be “future proof” for years to come. Thanks to its proprietary system-on-chip technology, Samsung is the only company that can deliver an evolving TV, which allows you to easily enjoy the benefits of the latest TV technology year after year, without purchasing a brand new set. With a simple slot-in to the back of TV, Samsung’s Evolution Kit will bring the latest and greatest TV technology to life. Samsung’s Evolution Kit will be sold separately in 2013.



So like the theme of the launch said, Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a TV.



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