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I got a call from the producers of The Ryzza Mae Show asking me if I would be ok to come in as a guest in the show. Without batting an eyelash, I said yes. I had never seen a single episode (nor a clip) of The Ryzza Mae Show. I have to admit, my TV viewing habits have been reduced to just news these days — blame it on mobile content.  So after confirming, I asked my friends what I should expect. They said, just go with the flow, she’s a riot, expect to dance, expect to take a selfie looking up. I didn’t have time to watch clips of her show on You Tube, and I decided the best way of doing this was just to do it blindly.

The producers asked me to give Ryzza some tips on hosting. But it’s been a while since I hosted a TV show, I figured, she should be the one giving me hosting tips now. Haha. So I suggested that I just demonstrate some organizing tips for the home, office and school with Ryzza. We agreed that I would bring my DAPHNE® & National Book Store products.

Here’s how it went. You tube videos are below.


At the makeup room of the studios in Broadway Centrum, Ryzza approached me and said “Hi, po!”  Then she took my right hand and put it to her forehead (mano). So sweet.


The dressing rooms of Eat Bulaga and The Ryzza Mae Show.


What I wore — navy dress from COS, necklace of my own design, dainty rose gold cuff from Cova, clogs.


I was told to speak Tagalog then seconds before I went on stage, one of the writers said, “Speak English.” So I just did both.


The studio audience or “dabarkads”


I showed Ryzza how to clean up a desk and organize a book shelf. I loved her reaction when I said that I was giving everything to her.


She modelled my DAPHNE & NBS bag.


Ryzza Mae was witty and quick. She was so natural.


I was told to do a selfie with a “look up” gesture. Apparently it’s her thing.


And this hand symbol. I forgot what this meant. Something about being happy always.


From Arvin Ecija Budlayan
Right after the show, I checked my Twitter and Facebook and found a lot of reactions. All good. Thanks to Ryzza’s cuteness factor. This collage was sent by Arvin Ecija Budlayan.


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 7.26.49 PM


We didn’t get to dance. The whole segment was so much fun. I kept laughing. And I really just wanted to keep hugging her. Watch her reactions to some of the things I said. Funny. Even GMA News online picked up the highlights of the show.



Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.54.23 AM
That night, we made it to the GMA Network news site, with the funniest headline. Click on photo to watch the funniest part of the show.


Salamat Ryzza Mae!


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  • – r@ch alarcon –

    She is cute nga and very witty. I am not sure if someone guides her on what to say.

  • Jokrong

    You sound different speaking in Filipino. Your voice sounded deeper. Or maybe it’s just the video. The interview is very fun!