The winner of LASIK from American Eye Center…




So we have a winner. I did everything on video using my iPhone. It gave me a bit of a headache because I had to email the video in cuts instead of a whole. I had to email it to myself then download, then upload it to my blog. Then I found out that the interface looks like this… Ugh, so ugly. There must be a better way to do post videos (not You Tube though).

So you have to click on these links, in consecutive order to see how I did the picking. I also did some overlaps just so you know I didn’t cheat or re-do.


Lasik 2

Lasik 3

Lasik 4


The winner of the all-laser LASIK from American Eye Center is… HAZEL T. Congratulations Hazel. I was feeling emotional when I found out who won. This was really meant for you. I hope you qualify for the surgery. Actually yesterday when I started reading, I asked Dr. Alnette Tan if cancer survivors can undergo LASIK. She said it’ll depend on your medical doctor’s advice and also on your screening at AEC. So good luck! I wish you the best. I sent you a message by Disqus.

To everyone who joined, thank you! I hope you read my blog with or without these gifts. Cheers!



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