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Everytime I post photos from my house tours at Urban Zone, the readership skyrockets. I owe you a few UZ house stories so I plan to post at least one a day this week. Here’s one from a recent shoot. This is a brand new house. The owners, Jibby and Charisse Tinio of Niceprint Photography, had just moved in weeks before the shoot. Architecture and interior design by Alex Co; children’s bedroom interior designed by Nina Santamaria.


Like most new houses being built in Metro Manila, this one takes on a modern Asian sensibility.


The foyer, with art work commissioned by Charisse reflecting images of her sisters and her.


Living room


Click “More” to see the rest of Charisse’s house


Double height ceiling over the living room.


Lighting fixture from Alex Co.


Charisse loves to cook. She designed the specs of her working kitchen.


I’m liking the red backsplash.


The dining room actually shares the same space as the kitchen.


Charisse decorated this guestroom herself with damask prints.


This is the little boy Sancho’s nautical themed bedroom designed by Nina Santamaria.


Nina shows me how part of the bed is actually storage.


Everything was nautical. Everything.


This part of the room had horizontal stripes. It must be so much fun for Sancho to be staying in a room like this.


Charisse’s baby boy Jibby also gets a themed room. Nina designed something inspired by transportation and things that move. By the entrance to the room, this wall had a real rotating ferris wheel that holds toys.


Nina placed a hot air balloon made of padded fabric to cover a ceiling lamp. This balloon is attached to the crib by a thick rope.


Here it is. And yes, they will have to tweak this once Vito gets too big for his crib.


These are shelves that Nina designed. They’re like little trucks cantilevered against the wall.


I wish we had taken photos of the master bedroom. It had a spectacular en suite bathroom with glass walls. Just like in hotels.



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  • Anne Montes

    I love your show, but if you show another of this type I will begin to puke from “umay” ,hangover, overdose. Please show more houses like that by Periquet! please please. Love you Daphne!

    • Anonymous

      As I’ve said many times, this is a reflection of what is out there in the market of new homes. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Anne Montes

        I love you. love you. love you. I dont wanna shoot a beautiful messenger. muah!

        • Anne Montes

          can you show more “heredera houses”. i wanna see how heirs have turned their  parents/granny’s houses  to fit this generation’s taste and lifestyle,  pretty much like what you have been doing with your own house?   like yun…

        • Anonymous


  • Myleen Castro

    the kids bedroom are cool. i like the idea of the little truck shelves. cute!

  • Maritoni

    It’s a HOME.

  • ahyrinSJrn

    kitchen iLike =)

  • Direk_aleckx01

    winnur! i super like!

  • Jc_inumerable

    very nice home. ms. daphne can i ask the contact no. of Mr. Alex Co.I would like him also to be my architect when we are ready to build our dream home

  • Deepa

    Stunning chandelier! I love that the kitchen is not a show kitchen. A kitchen that sees real action just feels so different.

  • Arnelyn622

    how big is the area of the house?

  • Jaymesantos


  • Jo Ong

    those bedrooms are too cute. I like that they seem like real bedrooms instead of the ones in other houses you feature that look like show bedrooms. Meaning devoid of anything personal and looking too perfect.

  • Rhea

    Hi, Daphne
    I don’t have TFC at home so your UZ blog features help me somehow keep up with the show. I particularly like the lighting fixture by Alex & Co above, it reminded me of the Anthropologie store decor, theirs was made of paper discs. I’m now inspired to make one for our home come spring. Thank you for sharing the UZ homes here!

  • Gruposantamaria Design

    Thank you Daphne! I hope your readers/ viewers will be encouraged to be creative & inspired by this home! And btw, your camera is bomb. I love how the photos turned out, so accurate & clear. Happy New Year!

  • Gruposantamaria Design

    Thank you Daphne! I hope your readers/ viewers will be encouraged to be creative & inspired by this home! And btw, your camera is bomb. I love how the photos turned out, so accurate & clear. Happy New Year!– Nina Santamaria

  • Carla

    Beautiful house. Years before when they were still newlyweds and living in a condo, their home was already featured in Real Living magazine. Then when they moved into a new house after having their first baby, they got featured again. (I’m not sure if that house is the same as the one in this post though.) Somehow I always remembered this couple because their abodes were always so stylish. I think I’ve also come across Nina’s work in Real Living. She does very nice designs.

    • Carla

      Ooops, sorry missed that part that said that they just moved in a few weeks ago. So this is a completely new house than the last one featured in Real Living some time ago. I see though that they brought some of their old pieces, such as the living room table with the giant balls underneath.

  • Dindo55555

    nice home, specially the kitchen …

  • Marlon Dave

    very nice… luv it!!!!!

  • Edith Villa

    kitchen is very nice so alive..and the bedrooms very peaceful,…my dream house..

  • Isa Sanchez

    Fantastic post!
    I love the kitchen, and the children’s rooms.  So cute!Ms. Daphne, is the baby’s name Jibby or Vito?  I think you wrote Jibby in the picture with the rotating ferris wheel.  

  • Doris_dimarucot

    Hi Ms.Daphne this is Doris Dimarucot&Eric Calderon of Rainbow pacific Company’ if you want too demo of rainbow hydro machine please contact this number 09158450061/3453945′ free air sanitation of your bedroom, free deep cleaning of  one bed mattress to remove dust mites that lead to allergies.

  • Guest

    Wow, everything’s so shiny!

  • cbs

    Thanks Ms. Daphne.  I love seeing beautiful homes.  The very reason why I found your blog was because I was browsing the internet on pictures of beautiful homes. And now, visiting your blog became a daily habit.  I am delighted everytime you post lots of pictures. 

  • charisse tinio

    oooohhhh! thanks Daph 😀 super love it. big hug 😀 

  • Jade Manalac

    i love the silver light fixture it looks like bubbles of water rising

  • MariaCalica

    As always, your outfit was the first to catch my eye.  I have the same dress. Bought it in Zara almost 5 years ago. I’m sure your dress is more expensive. hehe! Anyway, my fave part of this house is the baby’s room with those airplanes. My dad and brother are both pilots, so I’ve always been fascinated w/ airplanes. 🙂

  • forsakinghalfloves

    I love that each room has their own personality. And I particularly love the guest room!

  • Caddy

    I really like the thought and ingenuity that went into designing the children’s bedrooms. I loved the idea of the rotating ferris wheel/toy bin. 

  • Eden Mei Eleria- Cantre

    everything’s pretty and functional – what a lovely home! 🙂

  • Annette

    Daphne, I’m a follower of your blog the last couple of months and I do look forward to the houses you feature on your show.  I don’t have TFC here. I’m located in Orange County California. I’m proud that pinoy architects and interior designer can create amazing homes you’ve featured in your show and here in your blog.  So please do keep on posting them.  My parents are building a modern and asian inspired home in Paranaque and I am thinking of submitting pictures once it’s done and see if you’d be interested to feature it in your show in the future.  Thanks!!

    Annette from Orange County, CA

  • Rmoon3000

    I love the children’s bedrooms but I’d hate to mess them up. Good thing the storage for everything has been taken into consideration

  • Anonymous

    i love the rooms of his little boys…

  • shelo J.

    Lovely home! i definitely love it. What caught my attention is the damask stripe bedding. I really love to have one at home.