Things I love…


Here is something new I’m trying out – and I hope I can sustain – on a weekly basis. When we were working on this new website, I specifically asked Isabel to come up with a template for this kind of collage. Not only did she design one, she actually spent a whole afternoon teaching me how to do this. She created this first collage for me (but I played with the sizing). And from here on, I’ll be flying solo. Good luck to me.

So for this first list, I don’t really have a theme. It’s just a hodge podge of beautiful things – stuff that I own and love, and others that I wish to own.


1. My new plastic water bottle from Kor Aura 2. The Benji Reyes chair I fell in love-at-first-sight with, which is now in our bedroom, Eena Chair 3. The camera that I use, when I’m not using my Leica D-Lux3, Ricoh GRD3. This compact camera doesn’t have a zoom but more than makes up for it by having a beautiful prime lens.  4. Handpainted medallion of Our Blessed Mother set with white topaz in 14 carat gold, now in Accessory Lab, Power Plant Mall 5. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m always in wedges in real life and on TV, and this Dorset wedge from Anthropologie isn’t helping my addiction  6. I’m feeling ikat prints and I really want this Patsy dress from Cath Kidston, on sale for $46.00   7. I love this well-priced studded leather bracelet from Accessory Lab in Power Plant Mall, Makati  8. Orly Bon Bon has been my neutral everyday shade because of its subtle purple perfection.


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