Thinking of India



I’ve been thinking a lot about India lately. The end of the year is approaching and I’m thinking of taking a trip back next year with Patrick. I would skip the Taj Mahal and probably only do one night in Delhi. If I ever get back there, I’d like to explore Rajasthan and stay in Jaipur until I see everything. I was so smitten by Jaipur. Watching Louis Vuitton’s video of India really made me want to go back.


Gift from a reader
Funny, I received a gift from a sweet reader whom I’ve actually never met. Michelle Patel sent a novel set in India. This is the second time she’s sent me something. Last year she gave me Indian woodblocks when she read about my obsession with woodblock prints. This photo shows a bed cover from Anokhi where I only had 20 minutes to shop so I hoarded whatever I could. This is the kind of woodblock print I so love. Michelle, thank you so much! I will read this book soon. I’m still nursing the Steve Jobs biography. Halfway through and stopped – real life had to take over. Will resume reading soon.


I am reminded of that day in Agra when I wore my woodblock print dress. It’s actually a kurta, traditionally worn with soft pants. I just wore a slip underneath.


Agra Fort is so stunning. All that red sandstone and massive architecture from the 1500s.


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