This year’s “go to” gift



We are on full-on Christmas mode. This year isn’t so complicated for me because I actually have one of the best products to give as gifts. Bench’s Daphne Home Scent. Now there are four scents – Acres of Lavender, Homemade Lemon Tart, Mint Jasmine Infusion, and for a limited time Green Forest Pine.

I’ve been Tweeting and Instagramming my scents to help everyone with gifting ideas. Each bottle is only P348. And they all come packed in chic boxes and sleeves the way Bench does their products.

I didn’t realize it had an effect on my own close friends! Ha ha. They’ve sent me private messages showing me their DAPHNE® presents! I’m so so amazed. Here are some. I’ve protected their identity so I don’t spoil their gift-giving experience.


Daphne Home Scent
“This year’s ‘go to’ gift.” — From M.


Mel christmas gifts daphne
“Daph, lookie. Managed to get the last few pcs of mint jasmine, my favorite. Told you they could run out.” — From another M.


Daphne Scent Jasmine
“Mint jasmine infusion. So so good.” — From K (She wrapped each bottle in the nicest paper and grosgrain ribbons.)


I guess I’m going to have to give them something else for Christmas. Can’t give them DAPHNE home scents anymore. But everyone else on my list. You know what you’re getting. Ha ha.


DAPHNE Home Scents are available at Bench and Dimensione (also in Bench Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.)



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